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Location: Gloucester England
Member Since: 10th Jul 2006
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Posted:Hi guys just wondering if i could discuss somthing with you as it were.

On saturday night there was a little bit of a get togther at my friends house to celebrate a double birthday party and a anniversary so far so good i toke my fire poi along never intending to spin fire just to have a little play like i normaly do though the day as some F*****g idoit stole my normal poi so i couldnt take them.

I toke NO fuel with me as i decided this would be bad idea as there where drunk people i was going to be drunk hopefuly and somthing just didnt quiet feel right.

So its gets to about tenish and i havnt drank all that much maybe a beer or two nothing more when the partys organiser comes jumping over and asks if i would do some fire poi so i said "sure because i am not drunk and i could do it outside at the park but i dont have any fuel so i cant" expect nothing more to come of it about ten mins later she turns back up with a load of fuel which i accept gracefuly because she shouldnt be wondering round with that much fuel as she was very drunk and wondering round a fire with it and i go and hide it with the rest of my stuff away from the party so that no-oone could get to it and the people near it i left with very strict instructions not to touch it not to go near it not even to think about it.

I then made what i think was my mistake in the entire event that is about to unfold i went to the cash point down the road and was gone no more then 10 mins which i thought would be okay as i had left someone strict instructions on not to go near it and to make sure no one went near it.

When i finaly arrive back from the cash point after a minior fight with a bunch of chavs outside the party i went inside to find out that most of the party has left and a 21 year old had fire breathed into the fire using the parafin which was hidden away was currently being rushed to hosptail.

He returned a couple of hours later saying that he had only damaged the top part of his lungs i do not think he relises how lucky he actualy was to escape alive.

But was there anything more i could of done to secure the fuel? he has been warned countless times not to do fire breathing by me as its all i go on about it is fire poi and fire arts etc but he still did it. To be honest the entire situation has made me quite scared and well not quite feeling right around fire any more i went to do a burn last night but it didnt feel right and i didnt even bother lighting the poi up. frown

Thanks for listening


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Location: Broomfield, Colorado
Member Since: 14th Aug 2007
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Posted:I tend to keep my fire stuff safely locked in the trunk of my car and only when I'm going to Confluence do I bring my actual gallon fuel can. Otherwise I just keep enough fuel for two or three burns in a well-marked plastic squirt bottle. This means I can play whenever I want, but I don't have much fuel available to get in trouble.

Also, I do not leave my stuff laying around. At Confluence there is a place for everybody to put their equipment and when I'm doing impromptu shows I keep everything in a bucket which I keep away from anybody who might be watching. I'll usually place my flaming self between the spectators and the bucket to offer a bit of protection from people walking around to play with my stuff while I'm lit. I also try not to perform for people who are inebriated and I'll never light when drunk myself. I allow people to play with my poi (under the supervision of myself) when they want, but I will not allow people to light or teach them how to light if they don't have expiriance in some form of poi. If you know what you're doing, sure I'll let you have some gas, but NEVER do I let inexpirianced people light up.

The one exception to that rule is with other guard kids and my staff. It's essentially a heavy flaming flagpipe, and since they know how to spin heavy flagpipes anyway, I just say "anything you do, do not touch the aluminum tape, try to confine yourself to the middle third of the pipe, remember this has two ends instead of one, and this thing moves a lot faster than a flag. Oh yeah...and don't try 45 parallels." With those basic ground rules, guard kids are generally safe to light.

Honestly I don't think there's very much you could have done other than locking the stuff up some place secure. If your car was around, I'd suggest that as a safe place (so long as it's not a black car in 100+ degree heat like mine can be...which is why I don't keep all my fuel in my trunk, and also to save myself a little hoe in case of a wreck.) or else if there is no place available I would suggest hiding it off in some abandoned corner and then covering it with something like a pile of dirty clothes to make it a little camoflauged.

Those are just my random ideas though.

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Lizzy hearts sunshine hoop
Location: midlands!
Member Since: 2nd Jul 2007
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Posted:hug hug hug he was an idiot. i dont think you could have predicted that that would happen. it isnt your fault he did that, so dont blame yourself for it. he was indeed extremely lucky, and the only way that could have been prevented is if you hadnt brought your poi at all, as then there would be no suggestion of fire spinning or fuel. but there is no way you could have expected that brigning them would have ended in that way so dont take any blame. people do stupid things when they are drunk. you are obviously feeling guilty about it but it doesnt sound like you should be taking responsability for what happened - it wasnt your fault.

but maybe for future refernece make sure that if you are going to fire spin that you have control of all your kit, maybe make sure there is a secure room for it? and have all safety stuff ready. i get narky at my lot when i spin at home but thats because, as you have seen, people are unpredictable - even more so when drunk. sounds like a really unfortunate happening, but a good lesson. the guy will be ok, and you are now on your gaurd for idiots the next time round. hug still not a nice experience - so take care of yourself mister! x x Lizzy

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The Tea Fairy

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Posted:ditto and hug

For the future, I think that securing your equipment in a safe place like a locked car, or hiding it somewhere discreet, is a good idea, but I think Lizzybeth is right - ultimately, he was responsible for his own actions... you didn't introduce the fuel to the situation either, you had no intention of lighting up until the fuel was presented to you by someone else, I don't think you should blame yourself for what happened.

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Location: Gloucester England
Member Since: 10th Jul 2006
Total posts: 985
Posted:alas as i do not drive i cannot lock it in a car frown but like i said i did take it away from the party and hide it with the rest of my stuff so.

thanks for all the advice and support i really do apprcite it i just think its gunna take a while before i can spin fire again which is a shame becausei did enjoy it a hell of a lot



he he i am mike the amazing gloscircus person who is mike.

Officaly an exception to the Poi Boys are Girls Thing


old hand
Location: Binstead, Isle of Wight
Member Since: 5th Sep 2005
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Posted:This was not your fault. He's 21, he should know better. It's not like you gave the fuel to a three year old and said "drink this".

Now go have a burn, honestly. You have to. Like people have to force themselves to go back in a car after an accident.


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