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So, I recently saw a couple of Poi videos and I'm hooked.I'm an Indian girl living in Mumbai and I want to learn how - but I'm clueless about where to find equipment, especially the basic beginners fabric poi, here in Mumbai or anywhere in India.

Is there any place that I could get poi from ? Or will I just have to suck it up and order from abroad(and pay hefty shipping charges)?

I will be headed to Goa in the beginning of September - could I possibly buy them from there ? Please give this newbie some direction!

GeezaGeezaGOLD Member
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Socks, with rolled up socks inside. Or something inside that heavy, anything will do. Even dirt or rocks, rocks may hurt though!

Learn off tutorials on here and any other sites.

When you want fire id order from here, ive seen others and the quality is rubbish, same goes for none fire poi.

Have fun

newgabenewgabeSILVER Member
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It's very simple. Make some cone poi with fabric... I find socks are actually too stretchy. And ribbons are fiddly for learners.. And you wont need fire poi for a while...

There should be no problem with hefty postage if you want to order some from HoP, or another of the many other online stores, they are very light, can be put in an envelope. (They usually don;t ship them with the balls in)

.....Can't juggle balls but I sure as hell can juggle details....

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