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I need to hear from people who live in the UK who have slept in a bath.
No seriously, have you ever slept in a bath?

I feel mean now, saying UK, so anyone, have you? What was it like?

tell me tell me tell me!

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i did!

did it with a now ex, we slept in her heated bath (the water stayed the same temp, instead of going cold, neva herd of or seen on since her) it was really magical.

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I used to put such hot water in my bathtub that it almost burnt. I would lay in it untill I went numb and blacked out. Once I snorted some soapy water and woke up because I slid down into the tub and another time I slept so long I woke up and the water was room temperature and I had the beginning stages of hypothermia.

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I like to just lie there and read a good book, usually for like half an hour or so... it's great for relaxing the muscles, expecially with some lavender scented candles going in the room.

Never contemplated falling asleep though, sounds like sensory deprivation to me If someone would like to join me and show me how it's done, I'll give it a shot

Though I must say there's been a couple mornings where I almost fell asleep standing up in the shower... but I think that was from lack of sleeping so it probably doesn't count.

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Do you mean like proper sleep in the bath? With duvet and pillows and stuff? Coz i've done that.. went to a party and got proper f*cked.. passed out in the bath where I had been chatting with a mate.. he passed out too.. we woke up to find a duvet and couple of pillows had been pushed around us.. I found it a little cold as it was a cast iron bath ( the ones with the old fashioned feet) but as soon as I got some duvet under us it was snugglie..

If you are going to sleep in a bath - make sure you have some sort of buffer between you and the bath itself.. or you may get a chill in your kidneys and thats not too nice..

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v uncomfortable- did it at a mates party ages ago- there was no room on the sofas/beds etc so yours truly had the bright idea of going for it. It was alright to begin with- until the alcohol wore off and then was pretty awful especially since the bath wasn't big enough- I woke up in the morning with the stiffest neck ever (not to mention a great big hangover and a distinct feeling of foolishness).
With water? dozed a couple of times, but woken up when the water started to get chilly.
Shower- s##tloads! can't seem to help it, nice warm water, lean against the side of the shower... mmmm... zzzzz....

off2revise once more!

PS why just people in the UK? is you a countryist ???

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I meant without water...and if you try it I recomend padding.
Sleeping in the shower! How do you manage's standing up...
UK - I thought I'd go country by this a universal thing, do people in Australia sleep in the bath more than people here...who can tell?
It is a bit like sensory deprivation, white walls closing you in.

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