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Posted:Why is it that people just love to use children in break ups...

Ok, so if i want to leave my partner for problems spreading over 2 years, why does she have to use our son as a weapon? why does she have to say that i will never see him again?, why does she have to say that all of my things will be left out side of the house, when im currently in another country?

Basically on a mutual decision i took 2 weeks out, for us both to reflect on things, she has turned around and decided that she wants to be every thing that she hasn't for 2 years and i dont trust her that she will be a changed person.
I decided that i can not continue with things the way they are and have been for 2 years, through difficult situations that just can not be fixed... i mean just can not as were talking medical problems.

Not only is it hard enough for me to leave some one that i have loved through thick and thin, but to know that she will never let me see my son again.

I just knew how this would be in the final call... it was like a book.

Yesterday i cried most of the day.

Today i screamed that loud i woke my mum.

I know when kids are involved it is always hard, but then .. it doesn't have to be there is always one party that wants to have the last say, the last stab in the back.

Non of you will probably know where any of this break up has come from.... but i'm just looking for some advice!.

(why do i end up with kids as girlfriends all of the time?)


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Break-ups are NEVER clean.
Theres ALWAYS emotional fall-out
This tends to clear with time
Time is the BEST healer, along with space
Be sure you have made the right choice
Be empathic to your X-girlfriend, she too is in pain.
Dont blame yourself
Be strong for your Son - he needs you
Dont get angry, it only makes things worse
None of this really helps, but remember you have friends
Things will get better

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