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Posted:Hello brothers and sisters!!!
Im looking for Edmonton fire and LED spinners of all types to join a small troupe, we dont do much yet mind you theres only 2 of us, the Name is Dark Fantasy
you can see some pretty bad videos of us on you tube just look up DarkFantasyPoi
we have 2 poi videos and both are pretty bad anywho,
so just feel free to post in this thread OR PM me ORRR E-mail me @
thnx!!! hug

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I know this post is a tad old, but if your still hanging in E-town, I'd be up for a spin meet. I moved to Edmonton in September, and I haven't found where the fire is at in this town yet! I definately miss spinsters, and need the personal motivation (haven't spun much since being here)




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Posted:if your on facebook... I'm trying to get some people together..
Poi Edmonton. smile


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