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hello all i looking for some fellow poi spinners in the loughborough area that i can spin with and also learn from . Is there any groups who meet around this area im also willing to travel to leicester , derby and notts


Dean2097BRONZE Member
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Location: England (UK)

Hey there,

I am a spinner from Loughborough well Barrow Upon Soar really. I see is was a while ago you left this msg on here, if your still interested then let me know.

i do...

Faberic poi including flags, fire spinning, fire fans, body burning, fire eating/breathing and some staff.

Part of a group but also solo, hit me back for a chat

LillyNBRONZE Member
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Location: Loughborough, United Kingdom

Hey guys,
Theres actually quite a few of us spinners here in Loughborough. Theres the uni club that do poi, staff, juggling, diablo etc but if youre not a student we always meet up outside of the practises. A few of us have also got together and do performances as a group. If you want to meet up, just shout smile

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