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Hello its me again but this time Im asking something for my friend. My friend has been doing nunchucks for 5 years but when I saw him start doing them I said u should set those on fire. My friend thought it was a good idea and so now Im on the quest to figure out how to make fire nunchucks.

PS. I have already watched the Backyard Spinner's Guide to Fire many times and I have the safety pined down biggrin

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are the chucks wood? ive never made em before but the basic idea is to get a length of Kevlar, wrap it around the end of a side (or both sides) then tape in place while you drill thru it. Then put one or two screws thru that to hold it in place.


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If your friend has been using Nunchaku for five years, he'll know the set up of them, and should have an idea of how they are made, and what makes a good set of nunchaku.

To make something for fire, you need to think about adding a wick, and making sure the prop won't burn/deteriorate too much from the fire. In other words, how to best fireproof the prop.

Metal is fire proof, but also conducts heat easily, and retains that heat for a while.

Wood will burn, so it's best not to attach the wick directly to the wood. But the wood will not conduct the heat so much.

Plastic = a big fat NO.

Leather would make a good grip, to slow even further the transfer of heat to your hands.

You need a heat proof part for your hand, and a fire proof part for the wick. Have a think about what materials will conduct heat the slowest, and then decide how you can use them.

I'll let you work out the rest. do post your ideas here. smile Good luck smile

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Enjoy. You could buy them or use them as an example.

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Okay, I have a couple of pairs I'll walk you through the steps to making a set.

First, things you'll need.
Aluminium pipe- This is important, aluminium is probably the best thing to use for the frame of your fire nunchuku they are going to hold up to the fire and conduct the least amount of heat.

Swivle kit- You can get a nunchuku swivle kit from a martial arts store old pair of chucks or whatever.

A wooden dowel that will just fit inside the pipe - this will give you the weight required to be able to properly swing your chucks

Silicone tape - this tape is self sticking doesn't conduct heat and has a high tempature resistance. also gives you a good surface if you plan to do any kind of contact work. Also the plus side to this is it doesn't have apoxy on any side so the adhesive won't melt.

Pan head bolts washers and nuts- this will bind the kevlar to the chucks

Kevlar - stuff that burns

Start by cutting the the pipe to the legnth desired.

Cut your wooden dowel rod to the legnth desired, it doesn't have to be the full legnths of the outer part of the poles.

slide in the dowels into the outer poles and fasten them in place with self tapping sheet metal screws. the dowel should be fastened to the end of the where the wicks will be.

Predrill the poles for the bolt where the kevlar will be fastened.

Fasten your wicks on each pole, the way you do this depends on the way you decide to do it and the size and type of kevlar used. I've seen some sets with rope comming out the end of the poles, I've seen some wrapped around the end of the poles, and I've seen some with kevlar spiraled down part of the legnth of the poles.

Attach the swivle kit to the opposite end of the poles so that they are both bound together.

Wrap the poles in silicone tape down the poles till you're only a few inches from the wicks.

I'll try to get a picture of mine on here if I can get my camra to cooperate with me.

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Location: Nixa, MO, USA

Thanks man

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Here is where I get the swivel kits. Great thing about these is they're already assembled, easy to attach and best of all they're really cheap. martial arts store

By the way, due to the legality of nunchaku you might want to cut the middle link of the chain and replace it with a quick link so that it can be safely transported.
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