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Posted:here's two vids of me performing a show onstage and another one at a festival. no techie stuff but quite nice, anyway. and mom loves it. wink

1:55 min

3:24 min

any comments on that? be kind.. hug


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Posted:Is very pretty and smooth smile
Two comments...
Those pants look hell tricky to spin in. I tried once and it weren't pretty! So hats off that you didn't kill yourself
Second - its nice with a performance to have some sort of build up. Both the musicians and the spinner are responsible for this. The two performances shown here were pretty the whole way, but not as exciting or hypnotising as they could have been if there was some variance in the music and rhythms and mood. Am I making sense?
But I liked it a lot. Thanks hug

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Posted:That is a very kind comment. hug It makes total sense to me.

Those pants make it impossible to spin BTL, and BTB is also difficult since the Poi catch easily the open cut. Even though it's for the better look smile and it's not that tricky to play with once you get used to it.

I agree with you about a better buildup in generell. In the show of the first vid we were actually a group of four. You've seen just a part of it. There is a buildup throughout the entire show. Different tools, different music, solo and group parts, no part longer than 2 min. You think there should be also a buildup in a 1:30 min sequence?

I've seen a few vids with didge sound where the didge and the fire player react on each other. I like that a lot. Untypically for didge music the musicians of D/JAM\BE play actual songs - no improvising. There was no choice for me but to go with this song. It was my turn to play by chance and I never heard the song before.

Anyway you're right. More variance in music, rhythms and mood.



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Posted:lol such a pitty these video's only got two replies.

Very nice controlled spinning. Awsome work and great to see you getting some gigs doing what you love !

(Hope you have insurance though) wink

I guess next on your list is some antispin work ? Looks great ! Keep it up and happy spinning.

Just thought this thread deserves more than 2 measly posts ! Up the fat pants ! smile


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Posted:Ya, nice smooth spinning.. I'd like to see the whole performance. I found the people wandering around in the background and the dry ice (?) smoke distracting. Overall I couldn't help but think... ahh, who's been watching Nick Woolsey videos then! (or possibly playing with him last year in Germany? Well done for gettting a gig at a chemotherapy conference!

.....Can't juggle balls but I sure as hell can juggle details....


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