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Posted:Says it in the subject line, really. I live in Rockford, IL, the centre of all that is not poi. I'd like a set of fire poi and to try out a few staffs, and I have no clue where to go. Any ideas guys?
Indeed, any spinners within say an hour or so's drive of me?


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Posted:I'm roughly an hour away from rockford, but i think that your best bet, would be to make your own fire poi. I made mine, they have instructions at, and thats how i made mine. For the staff, im not the person to help you. If you dont feel like making your own, you can order things online at the store here. Your probobly gonna have to buy kevlar here anyway. The kevlar is where the poi get really expensive. It really doesnt matter how you want to do it, but making your own is a bit cheaper, but I'd do some research first. When thinking about kevlar, make sure to take into acount tariffs and shipping costs.
I'd look into making your own first and the pricing and all, compared to home of poi's pre-made poi sets.
If you decide to make your own poi, make sure to get a light chain, i didnt, but found that we actually had 2 lighter chains that we bought before, but decided using against because the heavier ones were cheaper. The receipt expired so, thats what i use now. If you dont use a light chain, they will be too hard to spin. But, it may just be a personal preference.
good luck biggrin hug

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Posted:you can always buy poi off the HoP online store smile staffs will cost more to ship.. but you can always make your own smile


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