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Posted:Anyone ever experiment using Poi with magic mushrooms? Tried it and found it was pretty good. Although it makes it much, much easier to get distracted it enhances dexterity and reflexes, and makes the visual effects very impressive. Any such experiences out there anyone would like to share?
btw I was using electroglows. dont have fire, but to be honest wouldnt have liked to try it underthe circumastances. call me a wuss...

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Posted:cheers jim.

now i have something fun to do on sunday afternoon

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Posted:man if you havent tried spinning on acid you should its awsome its the only thing you can think about once you start spinning

right im off to play with my ball of pink fluff



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Posted:Today somebody tried to sell me that strange cannabis substance you mentioned, Coleman...




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Posted:<pushes the lets talk about this thread again button>
although i have yet to Poi on anything other than marijuana, from what i have experienced while doing that, it sure is appealing...
i find my concentration/span of attention is greater when spinning high.. and that new moves come out easier.. like, they materialize without me really having to try and make them...
im off to spin (but not high)

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