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Posted:I just wanna know if any1 else spins poi with excessively nasty poi heads?

To strengthen my arms shoudlers back and chest each of my practice poi heads consist of 3 tennis balls filled with iron and lead scrap metal. These things are sooo damn heavy I swear my shoulders nearly dislocate when I start cranking up the speed on some turns! Oh and the chains for this set are stronger heavier and each link has a slight barb on it which suprisingly isnt that dangerous (well it hasnt hurt me yet!) but it goes without saying that wraps are definately out.
I've broken 3 sets of home made finger straps because of the excessive force. I need to get some softened leather or something.

Some people would say fire is more dangerous than heavy poi heads but fire heads cant smash knee caps.

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Posted:wanna try nix?'s meteors. *i dont* they come with their own health warning.


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Posted:Well ignoring all advice from HoP, I bought a pair of beamers when I was pretty much a beginner. And they have to be the most dangerous things I've used. I cracked my head a few times cos they don't move around as easily, more inertia etc. I actaully knocked myself of my feet once, mind you I've done that with normal poi aswell by hitting myself with both poi in a rather more sensitive area

I took to wearing a bike helmet, which looks a bit gimpish but defo a good idea to get used to them. I've found you have to spin them faster aswell or they just drop out of the air. The worst fire incident I've had is htting myself in the face whilst breathing in through my nose....head full of soot. Still didn't really hurt tho. So i'd say beamers are definitely more dangerous.

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