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  Posted: This is something that has been in my face all week, then I read Valura's post and it triggered it again with a PM I wrote.
Whatever you express in life is what you create. Thought is a very powerful creative force as is all forms of expression.
I've been implementing this in my life more and more in the last few months and the effects have been nothing short of phenominal.
If you want to change your life forever just express love to everyone you see and in everything you do. It doesnt have to be through words or actions just let your intentions be to bring joy into everything you interact with and let your energy behind it be loving energy.
Hug your mum, pat your dog, smile at the postman, thank the checkout girl with a huge grin! Just let everyone know they are ok!!
It creates a cycle of love that can only bring love back to you!
Nearly everyone is in a cycle of fear these days so any love expressed in their lives can only do good!

With love and light,

step 1. Throw your self at the ground.
step 2. Miss.

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fluffy napalm fairy

fluffy napalm fairy

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  Posted:I was in town the other day and it started raining really hard - and for no reason I couldn't stop giggling. I was getting so wet and soggy but I was laughing at every raindrop that landed on me.

I think most people I saw thaught I was mad - but I noticed some of the scurrying, hunched, rain-avoiding people passing me with a smile because I was enjoying such a simple thing. It feels good to make people smile.

But I'm increasingly upset at the moment as the more love I seem to give, the less I seem to get back. Feeling un-appreciated is terrible, especially if you are making such an effort to give that smile or that laugh to people that shrug, turn away and ignore you. It's soul-destroying

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King Of Bongo

King Of Bongo

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  Posted:Be happy everyone!
off to sit down and grin stupidly at my revision notes (not that the rude things'll appreciate it anyway)!

fluffy napalm fairy- you're doing ur best, so be proud of it. Be strong& I'm sure they'll appreciate it eventually


Your life is ending one minute at a time...
So live it.



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  Posted:I love making people smile! If you ever need a confidence boost...say you're about to go to an interview....on your way to the interview smile at everyone you see. It's natural human reaction to smile back and it makes you feel better. The voila...you're in the interview feeling on top of the world and confident. Try it!

After being screwed around by a handful of guys i realised that i lacked respect for myself and that if i wanted a meaningful relationship with a decent person i needed to fix that..and learn to love ME So i took some time off from fussing about 'who liked me' and decided to focus on loving myself. I realised that if i just spent more time on what I thought of myself instead of others, i would attract someone who would be attracted to the 'real' ME!! And it did..it worked!! I recently met a guy who is attracted to ME.,..not just the way i look in a pair of jeans...or how well i can carry him home after he's pissed it up all night...or how well i can deal with his ex-girlfriends!!

Respect yourself people..and then people will respect you.
Love yourself and people will love YOU!!

(sorry if that post made absolutely no sense at all!!)




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  Posted:i really belive that "true happiness is in making other people happy" (Baden Powell).

but i also understand you FNF, it is frustrating when you try to make other people happy as much as you can and they don't seem to notice it at all. it happens a lot to me, but i think it still is worth it when you see some people smile (specially children ), and many times they notice it afterwards, so they get to feel it earlier next time you do it and appreciate it more... so if you try to make people happier all the time, they will notice it. perhaps it takes a bit, but in the end they will, and then it will be much easier to make them happy. AAAAAND if they are happy, they will make everyone else around them happy, and some day, the whole world will be happy and living in peace... (sorry, i was daydreaming )

big for you all...

Don't you destroy your enemy by making him your friend?? - Rev Bem (Magog), Andromeda


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