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Posted:I just thought of the Idea of a LED Boomerang and it stuck. Would it even be possible for it to come back to you if you made one? hmm... ubbidea What if you were to put the battery source carved right into the middle of the boomerang and then build a cuircut from their?? ubblol

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Posted:/me adds it to the list if forms to put HyperLight technology wink

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Posted:Sounds good, but there wouldn't be much more you can do with it.

The original boomerangs were used for hunting, and didn't come back to the user - I'm not sure where that came from. However, that being said, returning boomerangs have been made and look awesome - and would look more awesome with LEDs!

In short, I say go for it!




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Posted:I've seen a world record attempt (sucsessful) with a very large boomerang at night that had fireworks on it and it looked very cool so no doubt an LED boomerang would also look very cool.

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