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my wife, a flowerchild fire-spinner . . is a wonderfully unique person, with an upcoming b-day . . . in southern indiana she is a legend at poi . . . i would like to give her a wonderfully unique present for her b-day . . her kevelar on her chains is wearing out. . . i plan to get her cathedral wrapped kevelar chains as i have heard her comment she wants them . . . but is there anything else that might thrill her in this area of her interests? or should i make her b-day better with not only cathedral chains but something to accentuate one of her other talents?

please to my email at
THANKS! and rock on

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Posted:Monkey-fist poi biggrin

You can find them and other poi-head types here


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Posted:how about a HoP voucher? she can shop right here at HoP for lots of wonderful things...



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Posted:We don't currently have HoP vouchers but it's on the to do list. I can do the same thing though by manipulating HoP points.

If you think you want to give your wife a HoP voucher rather than risk getting the wrong item, PM me and I can help you set it up.


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