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Posted:Hey all I was just wondering

Do you find your mood effects the choice of music you listen to, or does the music effect your mood?


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Posted:i think generally my mood effects the choice of music i make. there are exceptions though. no matter how i feel i can't listen to nick cave for long without wanting to do very bad things! sometimes its cool when you're down to put on some cool chirpy tunes to try and bring you back up

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Posted:i'm in rememberance state of mind right now hench i am listening to placebo's without you i'm nothing because it allways brightens up my day and makes me think of good times and good people.


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Posted:I definatly thinks it goes both ways, music can definatly reflect your mood, thats why it is so effective as an expression medium, but also music can envoke a meriad of emotions!

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Posted:I love these music threads.
Definately agree on the two way thing. There are some songs which can make me laugh or cry when I hear them, irrespective of the mood I was in before hand. Likewise, I have a couple of very battered CDs which are the 'pick me up' and 'bring me down' of my life.