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Posted:I went to the Barnum and Bailey Circus last night with Whipping Boy, my son and a couple friends.

Before the show they have the "acts" come out and do the "3 ring adventure" where the kids (of all ages! ) can participate and watch some of the smaller more side show arts.

It was pretty interesting as they had alot, right now my focus is on what we do here.....
There were people who did Diabolo...better than I could but not as good as the guy who runs one of the local juggling clubs.
There were some great hat jugglers.
The Lasso guy was not so good with the lasso, but he balanced on the back of a horse real well.

Then in the show...well...first of all, you can tell they are feeling the pressure to compete with events such as Cirque Du Soliel in theatrics while still remaining true to the whole traditional circus with animals and such.

They had some members from a Chinese circus there and 3 of them did a *very* brief stint with Meteors, however...I have NEVER seen meteor tosses that high. It was really incredible. They did primarily open spinning with one hand, so not real coold tricks but I did notice that he did not have his hand closed on it at all during the whole thing. The hand was in a flat palm and the motion of the arm on the whole maintained the momentum (as it started to wrap he would push on it to straighten it out, which also kept it spinning.) Their meteors were traditional bowls as well.

They had a very under utilized stilt walker.

2 of the Vegas style dancing girls came out and did basic poi as an accompaniment to the parade of other acts at the end. I thought it was going to be neat to see what they would do. The lessons on this site are more complex AND they had no style, no grace, no transition and they looked as if they were bored. I was so disappointed. I looked over at PWB and he went "They sucked".

I soooo wanted to run down and show them how to do it!

It really stung my eyes, the whole object manipulation thing. I mean it is Barnum and Bailey, I had hoped to learn a thing or two...and instead I was disappointed that, being the mediocre spinner that I am, I could've wiped the floor with them.

However, their clown school acts were not that funny, except for children which was fine. They did have their primary clown who was AWESOME! He was really well versed in many brands of movement and I was thrilled to watch him. He even showed up the tight rope artist! Oops!

My son loved it, and really we did enjoy it. The lighting and costumes were great. The spectacle was a little too much, too overwhelming to tell you the truth. There "main" acts were great. Their diversionsary tactics are really smoothe and they have it down to such a science. It was well worth the night out.

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Posted:I saw some of the most amazing things done with meteor's at a preformance in Beijing, they can be quite impressive

I used to love the Barnum and Bailey circus, though after studying the history of Barnum in particular the idea of it kind of freaks me out, that man wasn't right in the head. Than again entertainment meant different things back than, freaky things.

But yeah, for a general traveling american circus I think they do a good job, better than the shriners in my opinion. I remember once when I was little they took kids from the audiance and included them in the big finale. For a 6 year old, like myself at the time, it was great, I got to ride around in a train right in the middle of all the action.

It's kind of sad they have to compete with the more artistic circus's, that's not really their thing.

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