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Posted:I've been spinning for about a month now, and i've learned most of the moves quite quickly. I know most basic 'wave' moves and some stuff in 'buttefly' as well.

I've got a quite fluid routine that i'm working on, but i have no idea how move to butterfly when doing a wave in a fluid motion. It seems that one poi needs to change direction, but i have now idea how to do that. Or are there other ways?

Can someone help me out please? smile

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Posted:When you say to change direction do you mean from reverse to foward? If so, you can just bring the poi behind you, and you will automatically change it from reverse to forward. If, however you want to change it from foward to reverse, you have to do a stall.


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Posted:There are a few ways of doing it. One poi indeed need to change direction, and to acheive this, you can either bend your planes , do a stall, or do a wrap.

Plane bending is where you change the angle the poi are spinning at, for example if you're spinning the poi both forwards same time in the wheel plane (ie beside your hips), and you slowly move both round so they're spinning in front of you, you'll end up in a butterfly.

Or do a stall (stop one poi, and change it's direction of spin).

Or do a wrap (wrap it round a body part, and let it bounce back in the other direction). Arms, legs, whatever.

Good luck smile

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Posted:There's one more way which is to make a sideways part figure eight with one poi to change direction.

eg. you're spinning a clockwise circle in front of you, and as the poi reaches about the 2 o'clock position, you drop it down your right hand side (trying to keep the plane so it swings out to the right as much as possible as it goes down behind you), then as it comes up make the circle larger and bring it up in front of you and back into the original plane, but in the opposite direction.

I keep doing it accidentaly while working on butterfly weave moves, ending up doing ordinary 3 beat weave (one reason not to let body memory get too strong).

If I can manage to reverse it and do it with both hands I'll have a very fluid way of switching direction of one poi at a time.

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