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Posted:I've been reading reports about what would happen in the wake of Michael Richards and then with Imus and his statement.

That sparked an outrage against the rap community because they've been saying such things for decades without anyone batting an eye. I'd like to add that this is actually spearheaded by white people wanting equality in this issue..ironic, funny and something I can completely get behind from an equality stand point.

And I have to say this whole thing disgusts me.
Let them say what they want. Don't like it? Change the channel, don't listen, don't buy the cd. It's as easy as that.

If the uni hadn't used the Imus statement to get more media for them as a political move (and they did), those players would've never known what was said and this wouldn't have reached the proportions it did.

So now what? Will the record companies be handing out a list of words musicians can't put in their songs because it might offend someone? Of *all* the musical genres out there, I think rappers are the least likely to care. They haven't yet.
Would you?

Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton (two people that I think are hypocritical, contrary wastes of time, btw) have of course shut their mouths...again, because this now targets "their" culture.

And seriously, once again this attacks the Constitution and freedom of speech. The record labels came to a nice, level conclusion years ago when the religious right decided to take them on and put "parental advisory" labels on cds. I *love* this and think it is a great idea. There are radio edit versions of those cds available usually. Rap cd's containing such lyrics, like Eminem (who while white and with more listeners than Imus hasn't been fired or shut up), already have that on them.

This causes me to be split on this.
I don't think that music needs any more regulation at all.
On the other hand, the issue of equality in expression absolutely needs to be addressed. We all know it won't swing back to Imus getting rehired or Michael Richards being apologized to and everyone being able to continue on as normal. That would be too easy.


I also look forward to seeing what Carlos Mencia comes up with from this. wink

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Posted:im not that big enough of a fan of rap to know the specifics, but many rappers have merely created their own record labels, both to keep the profits to those involved in makeing the music and to avoid pressure and censorship from mainstream record labels.

Im sure if the big record labels try to censor rap musicians, they will be shooting themselves in the foot and finding many of their musicians jumping ship for independent labels that let them do what they want.

that's a lot of money to lose. I don't think they we will see the government regulating and censoring music anytime soon if at all, nor do I think they should.




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Posted:So what let em do the world a favor and let em kill each other.


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Posted:Excuse me, I live under a small rock. I get a steady supply of tea but little news about rappers. Would you mind explaining to me what this controvertial statement consisted of?

Personally, I find the Supreme Court's vulgarity clause to the first amendment to be disgusting. It's hypocritical and incredably nonsensical. As a private individual, I can say what the hell I want, and that same freedom should be extended to private companies who broadcast television and radio. Rappers included.


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