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Posted:I am always so fascinated by these, but the news here will mention it and then not follow through.

I know a yacht was found off the coast of Australia and that everything was smoothe inside. The table was set, the computers were running and by all accounts it looked like people were aboard but in other rooms. However, no people were aboard at all and last I heard there were no signs of what happened to them.

So, whatcha think?

Aussies, is there any other/more news on this?


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Posted: Written by: MikefromGlos

When it was reported in england on the national news by the bbc they said the lifeboat was missing maybe they decided to go diving or fishing and got taken by a current?

It didn't actually have a life boat. Eera's post is the most spot on i've heard.
Also they were sailing from Queenslands east coast to the West coast of Western Australia, which is a very long trip in a boat. So they would have had good sailing skills and it seems very strange they only lasted a couple of days before things went terribly wrong!!

On a more wicked note, they may have well of had enough of their own lifes and decided to fake their own deaths. Setting the yacht a sail and leaving like it was and just moving away to start a new life. ubbidea just a thought!!

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Posted:The front sail is called the 'jib'...just as a matter of info...and I was kinda wondering about the thing of why they'd have the sails up AND the motor running...didn't make sense to me...
I've got some sailing experience and I've been puzzling over that one...and yes, they could have had the motor running to build up power...
I had not heard that the birds where that does suggest that they were either taken or picked up by another boat...but that shredded jib just keeps turning round and round in my mind...
Any info on how it may have been shredded???

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Posted:The sail could have been a spinnaker as well. I've ripped a jib before when a halyard came undone and got caught in it.

If it was a spinnaker then they tend to be lighter and therefore easier to rip than jibs. I don't think that a stray halyard is very likely in this case, but it's something that can happen.

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Posted:The thing that intrigues me is that there was a fishing line in the water when the boat was found. Now, I've seen people do some stupid stuff like marlin fishing from a blow-up kayak (really!), I've seen sail fish attack boats and I've seen loads of sharks out that way. All I can think is that there's been a fishing-related incident of some description.

It's possible they've faked their own deaths, but looking at the families they've left behind you wouldn't want to believe it.

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Posted:they are talking about the possibility of pirates?!

apparently the guys clothes were all neatly folded up and left on the deck so there is also the possibility that they went swimming and drowned. confused frown

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Posted:They were done by neat pirates?

Is it the Truth?
Is it Fair to all concerned?
Will it build Goodwill and Better Friendships?
Will it be Beneficial to all concerned?

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Posted:ill keep an eye out for any suspicious looking obsessive-compulsive pirates i see... wink

im trying to think of highly improbable seuqences of events whereby all 3 fall into the water at the same time and cant reach the boat.

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Posted:Perhaps they were abducted by aliens? or found the lost city of Atlantis?
Maybe mermaids tempted them away?


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Posted: Written by: Sym

I can't find anything that says how experienced they were - I guess they knew quite a bit if they went out to sea like that.

I think one of them had a fair bit of experience with boating, in Western Australia. But it is pretty common in Oz that retired folks take off on wild adventures, remote travel. GO places they haven;t been and often without much experience.
The Grey Nomad thing. Apparently doing it in a boat is a bit more risky than doing it on a caravan though eh.

Could be interesting if they were the sort of blokes who were on the piss a lot. (that's Oztralian for drinking a lot of alcohol.. another habit of Ozzie males) That would greatly increase the likelihood of any sort of stuff happening.. skinny dips or whatever.

I saw a photo and it looked to me like a back sail that was torn, if that's any help to you nautical types. It's a catamaran by way, not a full sailing boat.

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