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Posted:[le sic!] I guess that's the true intent behind watch-cameras... record every days madness rolleyes (wishing well umm ) wink

The second one here is witnessing a certain level of stupidity, which raises suspicion that the whole thing got staged by the manufacturers... or candid camera...

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Posted:my favorite is the guy in the black car who was willing to risk the well-being of his wife and child for a shortcut, in addition to getting whiplash by the looks of it! eek

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Posted:oh that last van in the first video had the guys head hitting the windshield >.<

but over all, ubblol attack of the bollard!

(which btw is going in the 'words that make you giggle' thread biggrin)

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Posted:haha we have these in cambridge, they are so funny, we got george best once ^^

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Posted:ubblol that's hilarious! that must have done some serious damage to the cars too! ubblol why are these people so stupid to try & run through them!?

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