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oh... im sorry if you get the wrong idea, this post is about poi.when dipping howlong do you leave the heads in the fuel, as i just dip quick rather than leave it 4 20 mins, i have a feeling that this trashes the wicks but i aint sure... oh i use about 2-3 wraps for the, what do you do with your heads?

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Okay so really, I store my poi heads in fuel so it really is irrelevant there. Other than that for Jacob's Ladder, Staff, awkward shaped stuff we soak at least ten min for max soak, then gently squeeze or spin off excess. For torches (eating/trailing/breathing) those are usually the last things we do so we just leave them in the duration of the show and shake over the fuel bin as necessary when ready.------------------Pele Higher, higher burning fire...making music like a choir...

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Same here. I store my wicks (detachable) in fuel.For stuff like staff and sticks I usually soak them for 15mins before use.All though I am getting a new staff and some sticks that have detachable wicks on them so it won't be a problem anymore.peace outgarbo
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How long you need to dip depends on a lot of things. Fuel type, size of wick, type of wick material, construction, temperature, and residual fuel.I've found that once wicks are broken in, two-three minutes of soaking is plenty from a dry state. Once the wicks are warm, and if you don't spin them all the way out, 30 seconds is plenty.Of course, this is strictly anecdotal. I've never really done any scientific testing. ;-)-p.

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