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Posted:I bloody wrote a post here before, but stupid IE went and was crap and I lost it.


As you can see, I am still able to acess HoP. However, my "key ports" on msn are troublesome. Yes, they've firewalled it. (please tell me I made the right asumption here. Those who know me know I'm mostly computer illiterate).

Yes, I know I'm at uni and I should be studying blah blah blah. But I have a 3 hour break and it's my damn perrogative!!

Help. Please! I know there are smarty people out there with ways of masking stuff like msn from firewalls!

ps: my first post that IE ate was much more eloquent tongue

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Posted:alternatively: (its MSN for web browsers, made by Microsoft)


Go Here and have a read, then download the program to help you.

Then again, Port tunneling is generally against the University's Code of Practice for Computer use. frown


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Posted:Obviously, you should try to get around it. I only know super-geeks ways of doing it, so I can't be a lot of help.

Do you know if anyone is campaigning to get ports unblocked? Can you use other IM software? IM is an amazing way to work with other people - I use it all the time to keep in contact with the people I work with, so if I was in your satiation they would actually be making it harder for me to work - this is pointless and annoying and someone should kick up a fuss.

Why no send an email to the IT guys asking why they block it?

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Posted: Written by: Brenn

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Meebo is awesome!

We used that to get round our filters too. But they cottoned on to it quick as.

There were some site mirrors too, but they got those too. Gits frown

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