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Posted:I first learnt poi whilst in Byron Bay, Australia when travelling in 2004. I love to pick them up when I can, which has been not often enough lately! I am a beginner and have barely really progressed since I first started and would love to be able to get onto the fire poi, athough i've seen the fire fans latley and they look cool! Don't really know how to close this thread except if you're local and would like to get in touch please do!!!!! rolleyes

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Posted:You are close enough to London to go to Spitz meetings.... worth the time to get there cos although the space is tiny, the people are great!

Also there are excellent poi classes in London where you would meet people

And scuse me asking: why are you concerned about age? Ya can learn and enjoy with lots of ages peoples. Form my point of veiw (I am a well older person) the mixed ageyness is one of the nicest things about this scene around the world.

Anyway, good luck finding what you need!

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Posted:huh? I thought I had already replied to this one?

I'm 30 summat.. and just outside Camberley.. Cove in fact. There is a meet in guildford on Thursdays and also one on Sunday (but I'm too slack to go to that one lol) get in touch and get your ass to Guildford on a Thursday - I'll introduce you to everyone... It'll be good smile)

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