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Posted:Gumbie question, sorry. I can do a forward weave, and a reverse weave no problem. But I can't work out how to switch between them, and I can't find a guild to it either.

I tried doing searches, but it only returns the 1st 10 matches, which aren't relevant.

Any help would be appreciated..

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Posted:I always teach people the easy way, which is to just follow the poi as it passes along one side and simply turn around. Keep doing what you are doing.They look at me like I am being condescending , Then try it and begin to laugh, cause it does work...

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Posted:Simply hit yourself repeatedly in the leg until your subconscious works out how you should be doing it.. That's how I learnt anyways.


If that's okay with you?


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Posted:um...when you3 bt weave you cross and uncross your hands. When you uncross you turn and swap into the other move. Im sure that doesnt make sense but if you could seemy hands now it might.

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Posted:its only returning the first ten matches cause you're filling in the quick search, try using the proper function below it wink

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Posted:fwd weave --> fountain --> rev weave was what I read awhile back... hope that helps

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Posted:[Quote]When you uncross you turn and swap into the other move. Im sure that doesnt make sense but if you could seemy hands now it might.[/Quote]

That does make sense, in my head anyway. If it doesn't work I've got the leg wack meathod, the follow and turn or the foward, fountine, reverse to try.

Once I've cracked it I'll post back here for future gumbie poiers that may stuble apon this thread.


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Posted:Someone above touched on this,

when I turn say to the right, I am doing the weave on my left, and I move it to the right side, keep your poi on the right side on the same plane they are in, and just turn your body to the right 180 degrees, keeping your hands in the same place, with your body passing by them, so your facing what was a second ago, your back. Viola your in the reverse weave with the poi on your left side.

Eventually you will be able to just spin around in circles until you fall over dizzy. smile

This sounds like the fountain version but your not really doing any sort of a fountain since there staying on the horizontal plane as you turn your body.

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Posted:do a kick 90 degrees to the side wrap round and go in the opposite way =D
either that or jus take it slowly and try an work it out, should come to you soon enough =D u might find soon that you wake up and you can majikly do it, no joke it happens to me often when tryin out new stuff =P

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