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Posted:I saw someone doing a continuous airwrap on this site:

how is that possible???
does anyone know how its done or at least take a guess?

The site is in german i think so to find the move click on the "onlineshop" on the right side --> "tutorials" on the top --> "poi" on the right --> "neu" under it --> "hyperloop um den kopf"

There is also an infinite weave on one side???
its called "infinite weave"

any explanations???

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Posted:Not continuous airwrap - continuous hyperloop. It is nothing complex - good swivels only.

Nick shows them in one of these reels.

Not infinite weave - twisting of cords together, then untwisting.

P.S. Site is not in German - it is bilingual (mainly). Click on the British flag everywhere it is possible.

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Posted:still its a very cool trick non the less

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