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Posted:So, I have a possible gig in the works that if it goes through, I will be extremely happy about. In their last email they asked if I have a tech rider. I had never heard of this before but upon a little research I found that this is a document provided to a stage tech crew which describes lighting and sound needs. Having never needed such a thing before, I don't know if I should send them one or go without. I was curious if anyone else has ever used a tech rider for a fire performance and if so, how they went about it... Possibly give me a sample of yours? I really know nothing about this or what even might be good for a stage fire show so any info will help. Thanks in advance.

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Posted:I have never been asked for a tech Ryder for a fire or circus show but I have done them for bands.
That said for fire and circus shows we have given a tech sheet which is basically the same thing.

I dont have an real example of one I have used but below are some of the areas I would put in. (ther are definatly more things to think of but hopefully those will start you off)

Minimum Stage size: 5m x 4m (this is the minimum stage size you would feel comfortable performing in dont for get to include space for tins and safetys)

Audience: sitting 2m back from stage edge (This one depends on your venue and stage)

Stage set up : (for this I usually do a little birds eye view drawing of the stage with safety equipment and dipping stations marked)


LIGHTS: (this will be different depending on your venue and type of show you are doing)
Things to think about:
- If the have full stage lighting there any way do you want to use it?
- Do you want to have no lights at all?
- Do you want to have a light flood on the whole stage
- Do you want them to use lights on the floor pointing up at you ( this can make it hard to see props)
- Have you practiced with lights?

This will change depending on your show:
- Are you providing the music? / are they providing the music?
- Do you need the ability to cue each track?
- What format can you bring music on? (CD/ipod/mp3s)
- When does the music begin in your act?
- Do you have any live music?
If so do you need mics/ power supply / PA

You could also include a set list of your show so they know what is going to happen and when.

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Posted:You should send them one. As Blueberry has described, it lets the venue/crew know what you want or needn and how best to work with you so everything goes smoothly. Otherwise they have no idea what to provide/do to suit you and make your performance work. You could end up with any sort of crazy situation... strobe lights and a flammable surface, giant fake chicken on stage or whatever... because you didn't define what you needed.

In particular, make sure that you define enough space to safely dip/layout dipped toys/ extinguish/ lay out extinguished toys etc. That there is sufficient room for you to exit/enter without having to deal with obstructions, particularly flammable ones. And that your safety person has enough room/sightlines to work safely.

Evensomething as simple as 'dim the houselights, and when' should be put in.. otherwise, the lighting crew cannot know what to do. You don't want to be flapping your hands at them just before you go on or whatever!

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Posted:Ya it is always better to leave the tech crew aware of what you are needing for the performance. Blueberry laid out pretty much everything you will need on the sheet.

I do not know if you intend to have a personallly trained safety person there assisting you, but that is the only thing I do not see on here that I can think of that you should have. An untrained safety hand with a fire extinguisher can make a big mess for no reason.

Hope I helped even a little!

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