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Posted:So, I had this odd idea, about fire fingers.

If from each finger there was a cord of some kind, a tiny ballchain would suffice so woudl something else of some kind of suitable metal. And the rest would work as a normal fire finger.

These would work as having 5 ( or is it 4 ) fingers on each hand, each having a small fire at the end you could play with doing quite similar stuff as you can with poi. Altho the effect I think would be quite different.

Would it become to hot?
Would the flame go out to easily?
Would it be cool?

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Posted:i dunno, seems like they'd be tangled constantly, basically it'd be like having 4 little poi on each hand, spinning directly next to each other...

I can see where/why you had the idea and if maybe you only had 2 on a hand or something it could work but not with 4.

Also, i think they would go out pretty quickly.

Good idea, dunno if it'd really work though.

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Posted:A friend of mine, named Jessica, aka Tea Fairy has an invention similar to what you describe- finger poi. They are a hell of a lot of fun to play with! We just had one on each hand though, I am sure you could have a great time trying out things with one on every finger! whoo hoo!

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I have a Hungarian Pro friend who used to use 5 Fire fingered/thumbed 'Poi' gloves. they truely looked beautifull and a very interesting effect.
Unortunatley the last I heard (from Jay from fire Fantasy) was that he had had a VERY bad accident with these, which had left him badly injured.
I dont know the full story, I have not heard from the horses mouth, so I dont know the true facts and details.
Suffice to say these Fingers could be dangerous. please think twice about using them and if you do Practive ALOT without fire, to see what the potential problems might be and have an experienced Fire Safety tech on hand VERY near and very aware
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Posted:Looked into and done this and similar before, tethered fire heads attached to fire figners, was not happy with the balance and potential for tangles, also it didn't really achieve the effect I was after,