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Posted:So I am going to ask a teensy favor of all of you, and you don't have to do it but if you do... rock on!

But I am going to do the American Heart Association Walk in Denver... and am trying to get donations from everyone to help the Association out.

First off... I'll say why I'm doing this...

Right after my daughter was born my Mom started feeling kind of odd... like she had the flu. She kept getting sicker and sicker and then my stepdad finally took her to the ER. There is some kind of chemical that is released into your bloodstream when you have a heart attack, and we found out that my Mom had a massive heart attack. One of the reasons we think she had a heart attack was because of the medicine she was taking, Vioxx (it's been a factor in many cases of people having heart attacks.) My Mom was in the hospital for awhile, nearly on her deathbed because her heart was working at 5-10% capacity.

Now steps in the American Heart Association... my Mom had no insurance and they have stepped in and given my Mom surgery to put in stents, free of charge. That helps my Mom not get any blood clots in her arteries. In Colorado we have the Heart Center which is an absolutely fantastic place that rehabilitates people with heart problems... providing nurses for in-home care, a state of the art facility for exercise that is tailored for people with heart problems, they help people get medicine they need, basically the place rocks. The doctors there are so amazing. My Mom made some progress, but not much. She had another heart attack, and they decided that she needed a pacemaker.

The American Heart Association gave my Mom a pacemaker free of charge, and provided the surgery free. My Mom had to be on even more medicine, she was on something like 20-30 pills a day to keep her alive. She now takes 10-15 pills a day. The costs of these medicines is insane... I think my Mom said it should charge her something like $600 each time she refills her medicines... she refills them a few times a month. They arent cheap... but they provide the medicine for her.

The Heart Association helps so many people and have amazing, amazing doctors and staff. They have become family to us.

I do whatever I can to help the Heart Association, but have never done the Heart Walk. This year I want to. I put a minimum amount of trying to raise 300 but if I can raise more, thats awesome too smile.gif

So....... do any of you here want to help me out and donate? I have an online form that you can donate money to, and I also can accept checks or money orders or cash through the mail and I can update your donation on my personal page. Any little bit helps, and anyone who helps will be oh so awesome to me smile

Here is the link to my online page

Please tell me if that page ever messes up.

But if any of you can help me, thatd be great! I can give out my address for those that want to send a payment in. I will tell you when the page is updated with your pledge.

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