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SpannerBRONZE Member
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At SPOC last Saturday, I arrived alone and hadn't met anyone already there before so I felt a little nervous...but Fluffy Napalm Fairy and MisStix* gave me a hug when I arrived and one when I left. Those gestures made me feel so much more included and got me thinking: some people (like Redbeard and Rufus ) I would hug without giving it a second thought, some I would offer a hug to and others not, for some reason. I haven't put my finger on what that reason is, probably my shyness, but I'm a definite grateful huggee.
So what I'm asking is: are you a hugger? or like being a huggee? or not?
to you all anyway

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very nice to know our hugs were appriciated Spanner.. thankyou

I get a little nervous meeting new people, never knowing wether a hug is apriciated or not.. but I could tell when I saw you - your lovely! Hope we meet agian spoons! so more can be exchanged..

Such a simple little thing - yet so powerfull

I honour you as an aspect of myself..

You are never to old to storm a bouncey castle..

And then there is the Huggar Muggers

(Nobody is getting out of here without a hug)

watchout for them...

I like being hugged, but not if its one of those silly on the side hugs where there isnt any real hug involved. I dont hug for looks - I hug for keeps

(when I'm not too shy)


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I lovvee hugging , and i love being hugged even more!. Its one of the best expressions of acceptance. When i went to the first Sheffield Poi in the Park, One Dizzy Bird came straight up and hugged us, which was wonderful, its really appreciated. Its a lovely feeling to know people are willing to give something so personal. Thats how i see it anyway!


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fluffy napalm fairyCarpal \'Tunnel
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Thanks for appreciating it oh wessex one

I like to hug and to be hugged - but it's never flippant. Hugs mean a lot to me when I get them, so to give is a big gesture from me too. Hard to explain methinks.

I get worried that some people don't understand what it means though - and they stand looking puzzled while I feel embarrassed. Not nice - but it only happens occasionally.

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I like to be hugged...but im not very good at going up to someone i dont know and hugging them...if they made the move i would...return one but im shy and always think they'll refuse or someting!

Chili pepper

SPOC was really good...first time ive been to one hope i get to go to some more!

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FlyntSILVER Member
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i'm a somewhat withdrawn hugger. i'll shake hands the first time, but if i click with someone at spinning, its hugz from there on in! unless of course you've spoken to them on the phone, or have some sort of email repore before you meet them....

i guess what i'm trying to say is, i'll hug friends without any reservations. Everyone else is just a handshake away from being a friend!

the other week i even got told off for not hugging a friend goodbye, that was a warm fuzzy

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I love hugs! Hugs are a great way to show someone you appreciate them.

But I have to say, sometimes people abuse hugging. It becomes a ritual something you always do when your friends come or go. Those hugs make me uncomfortable and I tend to shy away from them.

I want a hug when I deserve a hug. When I have exceeded your expectations as a friend and you really want to hold me and let me know how much that meant to you - bring on the embrace!

I feel like hugs are a physical way of saying I love and respect the spirit inside you and that they shouldnt be thrown around without due cause.


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I've always been pretty touchy-feely but the fire community definitely brings that side out.

I'm definitely a hugger. I love hugs.

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Yes, let's go.
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PukSILVER Member
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Depends on the person and if im confortable with them. I LOVE HUG'S

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PeleBRONZE Member
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I like hugs alot, depending on who they are from. Most of the fire peeps I have come to know are definite huggers, and I happily fit into that. My friends and I are really affectionate with one another, to the point where "outside" people get the wrong idea. However, in the general sense I am much more of a huggee. I am really unknowing of how to approach people for a hug. I am too shy to just ask, so I would much rather be approached.
But I would never turn down a hug!

It's funny this is being brought up. Two weekends ago I taught a fire eating workshop for a professional group, one of whom was there because he is writing a book on these arts. Very professional but relaxed at the same time. At the end of the workshop they all hugged me tremendously. Now, it was very nice and made me feel great, but I am used to a professional group doing the whole handshakey thing, you know? It was really nice.

Or, the other thing with long is too long? Ever hug someone and not want to let go? Or alternately, have them not want to let go and you just want to do the hug with back tap and get out?
I never know what to do in those instances!

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Paddyback from the dead...sort of
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Ooo, I'm a hug abuser. Hugs all around, all the time. Don't know why...I just find it so warm and friendly.

One thing I will say is that I don't think hugging all the time cheapens them in any way. There's a difference between a hello/goodbye hug and a you-need-a-hug hug.

It's the same difference as the one between your typical passing "What's up" (a thing to say to show you're interested in the other person's wellbeing) and a concerned "What's up" when you can tell that someone is upset. Same words, entirely different meaning.

That said, I don't hug just anyone. But once you're in, you're in.

I am also a fan of the manhug, where you shake hands first and then hug with the other arm.

Hugs to you all...

MikeGinnyGOLD Member
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I'm definately huggy. Very huggy.

And I don't "give" or "recieve" hugs. I share them.


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Pink...?BRONZE Member
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I love hugs,

I always hug people, it just is more personal then shaking hands.

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Bender_the_OffenderGOLD Member
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hehe cool sentiments, dr lightning!
hugs are sooo nicestest and the furthest you can go with your cousins.

in public.

oh bother this is incriminating..
/reaches for the 'Del' key but hits 'Post' instead

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SmallBoy - xCarpal \'Tunnel
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Hugz?, me? don't know what you're tlking about

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jemima (jem)SILVER Member
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I never used to be huggy because of my shyness but i have realised how great it is to give and recieve them although i still need to get the hang of offering them

they are great for making you feel wanted making somone else feel wanted

i always feel happier after a hug even if i'm already there

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mm...a nice long hug...the kind that means so much more than any words could ever say...the kind that seems to go on forever but still ends too soon...breathing in the scent of the other person and holding on for dear life and being so much closer than anything else could make you...=)
eew, but the kind pele touched upon...when one of the two tries to pull away and the other doesn't realize and continues an unwanted hug..don't worry, if they dont appreciate it they probably arent worth it =)

*hugs everyone around before leaving*

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Seven - The CatPLATINUM Member
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I don't know about hugs but I really like cuddles. The more the better. Send some my way.

[ 12. May 2003, 11:07: Message edited by: Seven ]

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FlyntSILVER Member
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ohhhhhhh Pet Hugz are the BEST!
(as long as your feline/canine/bovine friend is amiciable to them of course...)

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Dark Pixiemember
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Just correct me here if this doesn't apply to you, but most of the firey people I know are very huggy people.
I'm Huggy. I love to give hugs ( ) and get hugs back. Those really air-headed hugs (run towards the other person and scream about how great it is to see them, little hug & kissy kissy) tend to really REALLY annoy me though. They just don't look genuine.
Happy Hugging!!!

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ahh pet hugging.. I think I want to come back in my next life as a cat.. then I can lend out my services (fur and purrs) to old peoples homes where I could get loving all day.. I've heard that pets stoking/ cuddling can be very threaputic for recovering from illness..

Hey just thought I've been ill recently - hug me -hug me - hug me!!!! It'll help me get better - honest

I honour you as an aspect of myself..

You are never to old to storm a bouncey castle..

Woo!HCH No 2
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A hug knows no boundries, even at 6'3" and with a considerable girth, a hug from a hobbit would make me feel cosy, warm and protected. So long as the hobbit meant the hug .

If they started rubbing their big hairy feet on me though, I might have to have words!

Vote Hugs, say NO to big hairy feet.


I'm sending you this hug today,
and hoping that you will share.
This is such a special way,
to show how much we care.

Pass it on to all your friends,
make them feel special too.
A hug can say so many things,
and it may come back to you.

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