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Posted:Hey All,
I know this isn't about a poi move ive learnt, but it is related....
I read the other threads about wristsbut none were the same problem I have.

I recently bought some LED sock Poi, and copared to the fabric Poi ive been thrwing the past 3 years, they're a LOT heavier. They were fine to begin with, and now I'vegot past the aching upper arm part, my wrists have strarted clicking.

I mean, really clikcing, about 4 times on every forward swing, and quite loudly. I don't have any other problems though, just the clicking.

Has anyone else experienced this? I assume it's just getting used the to the weight but wondered if anyone had any tips on looking after my wrists, or moves that are gonna help them get used to the weight?

Hope you're all fab xD

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Posted:yeah my wrists are clicky. I can't remember if they were this clicky before spinning, but it happens. stretching helps smile

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Posted:My wrists got that way when I was drumming in high school. It was basically because of the stress on my wrists. Stretching helps, dont overuse it if it starts to hurt, ibuprofen can help if its excessively clicky, and warm compresses after doing poi so it helps with the swelling. smile




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Posted:Clicky wrists are common I guess... not to every extend though.

Do you hold your wrists steady, or do you wobble around when playing? I guess there are two basic differences in holding Poi. One is where the fingers are in the loops and pointing outwards. The other is where you put the loop around your (ring)finger and hold the string/ chain between your thumb and index finger.

The latter requires lot less wobbling with the wrists and - IMHO - contribute less to clicketyclicking...

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Posted:This topic is currently under discussion... see page 2 in this forum category. Or click the following link.

Thread Of Same Subject.



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