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Posted:did you ever wonder why arashi hits himself so much with poi? i know i did. ubblol

well, now i hit myself ALL the time.

i no longer control where my Poi are going when i'm playing by myself. its more a case of letting them do what they like. and sometimes that means they hit me, a lot. argh. but it does mean i spin far more creatively than i was doing 4 or 5 months ago.

unfortunately i don't film what i'm doing, so i cannot reproduce a lot of it but i don't mind. beauty is transient, even when its ugly to the rest of the world wink

i truly recommend going and having a spin, and trying your hardest not to do anything you already know how to do.

its so hard(and yet so easy) that even now i still practise normal stuff for most of my sessions, and can't keep it up for longer than 5 or 10 minutes, but its very, very fun.



(ps sorry for crypticness, but i just can't describe what happens!)

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Posted:Yo, mon.
Tis ok... we be cryptic as well.

So, i've been trying to fathom pretty much the same thing. Which is why I eneded up trying to everything i could do horisontally... flowers, buzzaws. founatin... i just mean whatever... and then i hit myself... ALL the time.

I also tried turning my moves at time i shouldn't be.. and I hit myself all the time.

And it's fun! hug

( Giggles and lays down on floor drooling )


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Posted:I know what you mean.. The more freely you want to spin the less control you can have.. Ergo.. Pain:) I got used to it..

Smile.. It confuses people..:)

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Posted:i think blue just discovered 'flailing' ubblol

This is a post by tom, all spelling is deleberate
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not really. flailing was about 7 years ago, or 3 years ago, depending on how you look at it. this is just not doing anything.


there is no pain however, i'm just doing gentle elegance now wink

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Posted:Elegance is good... even though your form of elegance is beyond advanced.



See you soon

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Posted:I love it when this kind of spinning just sort of happens all on it's own and I sure wish I could will it to happen, but I always end up spinning "normally", waiting for this type of mindset to kick in. This, I feel, is the essence of the there are no moves philosophy of spinning.

Usually, at any given instant in time I know where I am and where I'm going even if it's only using part of a move to get to another part of a move it's still something I've learned through rote and, 9 times out of 10, I can identify what it was that I just did even if it's putting things together in ways I hadn't thought of or planned out beforehand.

But sometimes it's like...Wooooooah...What was THAT ???!!! Usually I have no idea what I just did, but I know it was something I've never done before and not only can I not identify it, I can't repeat it.

When I first started spinning ( in my first month ) I met this Israeli guy, who was an amazing spinner and he told me."you never stop hitting yourself" and it's something I've just sort of accepted and I'm not really worried about it ( well, yes but only with fire and only just after lighting up ) I like to avoid it but it doesn't bother me as much as what I fear destruction of my spinning due to the chains ending up in a tangled mess. Note to self..spin more socks.

I never get more than a few seconds ( 5 to 10 ) out of this style before it's back to the "norm" and maybe I need more years of experience to extend the time, or maybe I'm just anal and need to loosen up more, but at least I know it exists and it gives me something to aspire to rather than just learning moves.

Here's a case in point...I'm blatantly trying to rip off that crouching one handed spiral wrap that Andy did with a meteor ( I think ) on those BBC clips that got filmed last summer. I want to turn into it from a weave and end up poised in a ready to strike position I can do it, but sometimes it just feels better than other times and I'm at loss to explain why. It just happens this way and every time I try to analyze what I did, I loose the mindset that allowed me to do it in the first place.

Is this what dancing with your Poi is all about?


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Posted:Did you ever spin without Poi?





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Posted:Oh how I wish I had just one of my free form flowy no idea how I did any of it spins on tape. Id probably be the best Poi spinner I ever saw smile

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