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Posted:Hi Everyone,

Katinca and I have finalised what we are doing this Summer.

Basically we have booked a flight to Ibiza cuz it was incredibly cheap and we want to go to Morrocco.

However, we thought that we might try our hand at Busking / seeking work in Clubs / Bars in Ibiza before we head off to Morrocco.

Has anyone done this? Any Hints, Tips, things to Avoid?

We dont speak Spanish unfortunately, although Im not sure that this will affect us too much in Ibiza?

Is there much freestyling work available there?

Any help you can give us would be great.


Josh and Katinca.

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Posted:Hi Josh,
there's plenty of work in Ibiza but most of it gets snapped up about this time in the uk.

Try to contact the clubs over here as soon as possible. Manumission (in Privilege) is based in Manchester and is the biggest weekly party in the world. Loads of fire performers - mostly freestyle by the looks of things.

Any other party in Privilege will most likely be looking for performers - as will any clubs based in Amnesia (God's Kitchen in Birmingham and Cream in Liverpool use Amnesia.

Can't think of any other clubs that had performers inside, although most have one to keep the queue entertained.

No idea about busking, although I've deffinitely seen buskers out there of all kinds. I'ld avoid West End Sanantonio for busking - and, in fact, for doing anything - because it's full of drunken English.

I wouldn't worry about not speaking Spanish - in summer, Ibiza is the largest remaining British Colony.


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