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Posted:The council have finally given me and Sunbird a place, but its on the other side of the city.

We're going to have to taxi it if we can't find an alternative. this will be about 2-3 trips from oxgangs to drylaw, and we're going to have to go without eating to fund this so my children won't go hungry. (our income is ridiculously low these days)

Please, is there anyone out there who can obtain a van and help us out? We're really in need of some kind-hearted helpful people right now. If we can get a van, we may only need one trip. We have no furniture to move, just crates, clothes, bags and boxes. alot of them!

frown frown frown

We'd be eternally grateful, as we're so broke we can't even afford to rent one ourselves.

Much Love hug

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