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Posted:Mods: please move if in the wrong spot!

After doing many online searches, I am still unable to find an Australian retailer/supplier for UV reactive body paints. There are a few UK shops online, which sell so much cool stuff, but there appears to be very little over here, and if possible I'd like to avoid international shipping costs. Anyone got any ideas? Thanks.

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Posted:Unfortunately it's been my experience that when you want something that you can't get in your country, you're stuck buying it elsewhere (and paying those shipping costs).

Have you tried ebay?
Sometimes they have things on there in the same country, or possibly better shipping rates.
That's all I can think of at the moment. smile


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Posted:You mean this kind of stuff?
Not in Australia, but New Zealand's a hell of a lot closer to you than the uk!

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Posted:Yes, I saw this stuff, but to be honest, it's a little expensive...And I was after a variety of colours too. but thanks. I'll keep searching, but please let me know if you find anything!

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Posted:Jacksons in WA used to sell it.
A firend just came back form Thailand where they simply use flourscents paints on the body. None of them had a reaction but they arent specific body paints.

Derovan do a flourescent paints
tim gratton site that you would have to buy a pot and see how it reacts. I cant find my flouro ones, I dont use them for daytime stuff. I tihnk HOPs prices are pretty good though.shrug

suppliers list by state


In Perth Emtex and Jacksons are the places I go

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if you were worried about compatability as a skinpaint why not put on some liquid skin first then paint over it?
It acts as a barrier against chemical nasties, a quick search on Google spewed this out onto my screen:

I don't know how well it works but at $20 for a bottle it might be worth investing in some if you're going to be making money at the end of the day, by doing a UV show for example.


Posted:Thanks for for the help guys. I thought the UV paint on this site was a little pricey as I've seen 10ml tubes of uv reactive colour face paints on ebay for 1.99GBP or 3.82or something USD. I'm not exactly sure how many mls the HoP tub is though. If anyone's interested, the UK based ebay online shop is called "FUNKY SHEILA"



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