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Am I the only one that thinks alcohol is bad?
The fact that you need alcohol to get social and funny. That you need alcohol to be a good mixer?
Anyway I don't hang out with people that drinks, so I don't really understand the fun with drinking. . What i really don't understand is the young that only drinks to be cool, to fit in, don't they have a mind of there own. To not remember the next morning where they have been under the night. Hope that you can give me some clearing in this matter.

Coca cola is the drink


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In my opinion, it isnt the drink thats the problem, its the people who drink it excessively. A sociable quiet drink with friends is nice. Drinking becomes a problem when a person drinks more to enjoy themselves. I agree with you on that part. I'd rather have one drink then move on to soft stuff, that way i relax but i also remember the night afterwards. Why go out for a good night when you cant remember anything the next morning, plus! its expensive.

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Originally posted by Severly burned:
The fact that you need alcohol to get social and funny. That you need alcohol to be a good mixer?
Coca cola is the drink

I don't. Anyway, Coca-Cola rots teeth!!!

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Here's my main requirement for when I drink:

1. Bar or wherever the alcohol is being served must be within walking distance or there must be a designated drive that I know and trust.

Getting cars involved with alcohol is the last thing in the world I'd ever want, but when you drink sometimes so standards get forgotten temporily. Thats why if you did drive somewhere you have to have a trustworthy driver, that or call a cab and pic up your car later. But if at all possible try to avoid driving and go to a place where you can walk back.

But I live on a college campus, I can walk in a 3 block radius and find more bars than I need.

Alcohol in general can be safe in moderation. You don't want drinking to get out of hand and you have to know your limits. That said it is very easy to go too far, so every time you drink you run that risk. I don't think alcohol could ever be considered truely good, but it is a part of our culture and can be done safely.

Myself I'm not a huge drinker, but like was said before, the social drink can be a nice thing. Most weekends I don't touch anything but when I do it's usually 2 maybe 3 max. I have had occasions where I'd done 6 or 7, which for someone my size is a fair share, but that is something I do not want to make a habbit.(I've done that like 4 times in my life) Though every once and a while, in a controled environment, getting very drunk feels good. Thats just a personal thought, probably not healthy but sometimes a little celebration of that kind is in order.

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Your not the only one that feels that way babe...

I think it's really sad to see so many young people out in town each night who are so drunk they can't stand up straight! I know many a people who only drink to get drunk and not because they enjoy the taste.

I drink because i enjoy the taste - when i do it's only one or two! - i don't do it to get drunk - like peps have said - whats the point??
Howeva drink it a huge part of our society and we aren't going to get rid of it in a hurry because it is such a huge $$ maker for businesses.

To completely not hang out with peps that drink i think is going a bit OTT (ova the top) cos if they know how to handle their drink most peps are actually quite funny when they have had a few!

I do put this to you thou - Are drugs just as bad?? - Nowdays drugs are used just as much as Alcohol is and just as easy to get a hold of. Some may say they are even more dangerous than alcohol because of the different effects?...

My opinion on both drugs and alcohol ? Both are ok in moderation - alocohol more than drugs here. I think both become extremely dangerous when they are used to hide from emotions, life, that people don't want to be feeling.

keep Smiling ...

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I grew up in madrid where alcohol is/was almost totally unglamorous. I started having the odd sip of wine at mealtimes since I was about 12. I started "social drinking" with my friends(beer/calimocho-wine&coke/vodka w mixer) when I was 13/14, I fully admit that at the beginning it was to "be cool" but then the novelty wore off pretty quickly. We soon learnt to laugh and be pretty merciless to those who got out of control (I still do!).

The starting to drink "to be cool&fit in" is part of something I think most people do at that age, imitating and copying older people... plus, its a good laugh and pretty harmless.

Back then the legal drinking age in Spain was 16, which I think should have definitely stayed thus- it gives people a couple of years before they start to drive so they know how to drink responsibly/control themselves (if they dont like alchol thats fine...). Being relaxed and removing the "forbidden for people under-age" factor meant that people who were drunk stayed more within socially acceptable limits, being drunk wasnt really a valid excuse & you always had to answer to your parents for your behaviour.

For me alcohol has become just another part of life. It isn't necessary by any means and I don't really care if I drink or not, sometimes I'll feel having a few and I will, other nights I won't touch it even if I'm surrounded by people who are, but the fact is that I definitely don't see it as something bad, merely a part of socializing. Or not even, sometimes I will cook myself a meal on my own and open a bottle/can- and there's no chance I would call myself an alcoholic for doing so.

Another thing... I currently study in england, and pubs are definitely the most sociable places in the country!

Having said that, Krystel gave some examples of cases where alcohol is bad- or at least the attitude towards it is.

From a psychological perspective, alcohol acts in small doses a stimulant; in large quantities it becomes a depressant and a relaxant. People mainly seek the stimulating and relaxing qualities however there is a balance, which with experience people come to recognise as their "limit"- believe me i know exactly when to stop drinking, whether i always pay attention to this is a different matter...

Here's a fact: Interestingly enough, from the papers I have read in psychology, studies suggest that people conform to their idea of the "stereotypical drunk" and that people will act drunk differently in different cultures regardless of race/age/sex...

Krystel hit the spot with her "everything in moderation" comment. Nice one.

I would personally recomend, severely burnd, that you shouldnt discard alcohol...
believe me, its not half as addictive or dangerous as playing with firetoys!

and now i shall go to bed.

cheers to all

As regards to the drug thing- it all depends on the social context, as soon as anything becomes a hindrance/barrier one should stop or slow down.
PS I hope I havent offended anyone... please argue away!

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I enjoy the occasional beer and even more seldom the occasional liquor, but I don't make a habit of it. However, it is a good factor for separating the adults from the children... I would not want to go to a club where there's a lot of young teens if I'm looking to hang out with an above-legal-age crowd.

One thing cool about beer is the ability to try out different brews from different parts of the world. Also, having toured the Coors brewery in Colorado, I believe the beer industry is a noble and honorable institution. They take great pride in their work, and for the most part strive to produce a quality product, so I am all for supporting their business. I'm sure there's a "favorite beer" thread around here somewhere... hehehe

Drinking to excess is ok when you do it responsibly, but I do agree that if one has to drink to be happy, be themself, be outgoing, whatever... then they have a problem.

What I notice is that the public focuses on the drunk driving accident, the alcoholic wife-beater, etc, and seriously underplays the amount of responsibility that actually does go on when people drink. In my experience, my friends always designate a driver, they always have someone to keep them in check if their behavior gets out of hand... The major cases of alcohol-related incidents are in the minority, as far as number of drinking events are concerned. They're still tragic, yes, but they shouldn't whip you up into an ill-informed "alcohol kills" frenzy of paranoia.

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I work in a brewery, so you would think that when the office Christmas party rolls around things would really get out of hand. But no, the office Christmas party at the accounting firm I used to work for was much worse.

I really enjoy wine, I enjoy the flavour and enjoy the way it matches with good food. I don't mind a good beer. But I don't really drink to get drunk. If you are drinking to get drunk, whether it be to fit in or to fill a gap in your life, you are headed for trouble.

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Okay, you made me think a little while. To use alcohol as a social drink is okay, and in fact very nice. But just for being drunk it's bad. I feel sorry for the people who get addictive.

As concerning drugs they are bad, really bad. I can't really make a comment on drugs cause I haven't seen it around and noone around here have talked about it. But it's really wrong that there is "cool" to use drugs and drink so much that you fell asleep in a ditch

As concerning Fire Toys im already an addictive.

Use alcohol as a social drink is okay in my oppinion


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So for me, alcohol is a once-in-a-while thing. Sometimes, I'll have 2-3 drinks in a week. By contrast, I went from July until December one year without ever touching alcohol. It's not something I think about, it's just that I'm not that into alcohol. I like a nice glass of wine with dinner, but that's about it.

So for people like me, alcohol is good. It's relaxing, enjoyable and and I like the taste of a nice wine.

But for a lot of people, alcohol becomes a serious problem. This is compounded by a general view that real men can hold their alcohol and that alcohol is ultimately a harmless drug.

Alcohol raises your chance for esophageal and stomach cancer. It can destroy your pancreas. It can destroy your liver. It can cause brain damage. And its "therapeutic index" is very low, which means that the lethal dose is not much larger than the effective dose. Thus, drinking as little as three times as much as it takes you to get good and drunk can be lethal. We had a case at UofMichigan one year where a kid drank 21 shots for his 21st birthday and died.

By contrast, LSD, just for example, has an amazingly high therapeutic index. It takes an overdose by about 1,000 times the effective dose to cause death. The same is true with marijuana. I don't think they've ever been able to kill a mammal by dosing it with THC.

But ultimately, it isn't alcohol that destroys people, it's alcoholism. Why am I not an alcoholic? Is it because I'm disciplined? No, because my drinking isn't something I need to be disciplined about. I simply don't crave it. Why don't I like it when others do? Why don't I get addicted to most things? (I can't stand nicotine, I hate gambling, etc.) If we could find out why some people get addicted to everything while others don't, we'd be golden.


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I cannot speak for the populus,but I got most of my binge drinking out of my system when I was young ,so now I know moderation (most of the time)

Getting drunk Is not my main reason for drinking,(although it is a big part)I love beer.almost all beer ,especially a thick stout,mmm.

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moderate mounts of red wine are very good for the heart.

That is about the only good thing about alcohol, besides the way a few drinks make you feel.

My Dad is/was an alcoholic for years, but he doesn't drink anymore.

I think the funnest thing about alcohol is watching drunk people while you are sobber. The worst part is holding on to the toilet for dear life. Funny huh? drunk people don't seem to mind sticking their head in a public toilet.

we eat and we drink and we smoke and we try!

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The great man Homer Simpson once said:

"Alcohol...the maker and curer of many of lifes problems" - Something along those lines anyway!

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TurqoiseDreamer 36 posts

I drank too much when I was a I don't drink at all and I honestly don't miss it. And people that have been around that are drinking dont care if I don't drink. They respect my decision and I respect theirs. Even though it is sad when people get out of hand, it is their can only be there if they ask you for help.

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"Ahhhhh, Beer... the cause of, and solution to, all of life's problems."

What hits the fan is not evenly distributed.

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Alcohol is actually one of the most dangerous drugs around because of the way it can alter or/and enhance your moods. Having said that I'm pretty much 4 the all in moderation philosophy. Drinking can b fun just as long as you don't depend on it and noone goes ova their limit and becomes abusive. That's wot i h8, when alcohol makes you or the ppl around u do stupid things or things that end up hurting others. Oh and of course the mindnumbing hangovas!lol
Take care of urselves
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That is Dio...thanks!

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there's nothing wrong with alcohol - it's drunk people that cause the problems

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I do like to have a drink or two. Wine is scrumptuous and I like the way it can lower my inhibitions and relax me around people I don't know very well. I only drink in moderation though and stop drinking when I start to feel drunk. Merry is good, severely inebriated is not.

That said, I think is is very sad that in western culture most people's idea of a fun night out is drinking yourself into a stupor. I sort of understand people who drink to drown out their sorrows but the people who just see getting really drunk as the normal way to have fun I do not understand. What's normal or fun about waking up in a pool of your own vomit, or getting into a brawl fuelled by alcohol and getting seriously hurt, or killing some poor innocent person as you drive home from your night out or even dying from alcohol related illness? To me these things are not fun and I think it's wrong for them to be considered normal.

Alcohol is a very dangerous drug which has the power to destroy societies. For example, Native American society has been ravaged by alcohol, sure there are other mitigating factors but alcohol was the final straw.

But maybe Mind gap has a point, it's not the alcohol that's the problem but people's lack of self control.

My mind is thinking in overtime now. More later when I organise my thoughts.

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Don't huss it.
Alcohol is your friend.
between 16 and 18 i was probably (i say probable as i'm not to sure) hammered every other night. yet throughout i was able to get the grades in my A-levels and still enjoy myself when sober.

But then I found weed.
i now hardly drink but when i do i really go for it. and in the interim months i get stoned.
I have found a place in my heart for weed as it chills me out calms me down but leaves my head screwed on the next day. I probably have a smokin problem but right now i'm enjoying it and when the time comes i will deal with it.

oh yeah. when your mashed the spinnin lights of my glowsticks look so so so cool.
(Never use fire though... bad things happen)

but hey its a crazy messed up kind of world and we're all entitled to our personal views. this is mine yours may be different.

just chill and increase the peace.

Freestyle Walking. its fun and amusing.

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Don't huss it.
Alcohol is your friend.
Slaaanesh...that's just in your experience, that doesn't make it the same for others.

I tried to get drunk a lot when i was younger, and was never really sure if I ever achieved it.

Other friends were hilarious when drunk, some were downright agro and nasty, some were so blotto they would'nt be able to save themselves if a firew started and one of them actually died due to alcohol poisioning!

That's a pretty varied set of results for a small group of twelve people... I don't drink at all anymore, and I really don't miss it.

In fact, it's much easier to pay for unicycles and enaggement rings and baby clothes when you're not spending hundreds of dollars a week on booze.

(all in my opinion of course)

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I, on the other hand, have found the virtues of alcohal to be nearly limitless. If used correctly it is a wonderful creative aid. It knocks all the bullshit out of my head and lets all the important stuff come through, a very helpful thing whilst writing music. And after four or five beers I find I am much better at pool than I am whilst sober.

As Benjamin Franklin once said:
"God gave mankind alcohal as a sure sign that he loves us and wants us to be happy."

And for today's modern drunkard:
The Modern Drunkard Magazine

But seriously, I think that there is an unfair stigma placed on those who like alcohal. I thik it has much to do with media bombardment. I personally see tv shows promoting a neo-prohabitionist attitude. It's PC to be a prohabitionist now, and its not fair. Pot heads will talk up the virtues of pot to no end, while I have only seen pot to make people stupid, lazy and hungry. You can't tell them its wrong, or unhealthy, but god forbid I mention that I had more than two drinks at the bar the other night and suddenly I'm some sort of monsterous alcoholic putting the world in danger with my six pack.

Here's an example:
A while ago (few months ago, maybe last year) there was a thread about spinning under other influences. People talking about spinning stoned, spinning on LSD, and E. These are substances I would never in a million years spin fire whilst on, and they were saying it was the greatest thing. Out of all those posts on that thread the only post to get pulled was mine because I dared to mention the virtues of spinning whilst drunk. I thought that was a pile of crap. (And to Charles, who was the mod that pulled my post, I'm not directing this at you. I just thought it was very unfair, and had you not been about to get married at the time we would have discussed this indepth, I think.)

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Krystel 26 posts
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wow...i honestly felt like i was the only one out there that liked a few drinks but didn't like getting smashed!...This is turning out to be a very interesting thread...

i find it sad though that there are some peps in this world who look at alcohol, weed - any mind altering drug - as the only way they can kick back and have a good time.
Don't get me wrong here - i've had some awsome nights when i've been less than straight and sober but i've also had just as many awsome nights completely straight and sober.

I believe binge drinking and getting 'wasted' is something most peps go through at some stage in their lives weather its to get away from their lives or just to kick back and have a good night cos they don't know any other way to have fun.

Moderation is the key with both alcohol and drugs I believe....

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achool is bad, if you trink alot..
if alchool decome all your life, stop alchool

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I never drink anymore. I used to drink to the point of stupidom on the weekends in highschool, but it got old. Never feel good in the morning, and your dehydrated, and it tastes bad (at least to me) to boot. Besides it destroys your liver in excess.. none the less light drinking is ok, but after a point it just slows you down and impairs you. It's possitive effects, such as loosening you up, releasing some inhibitions, turn to hell and impairment at high levels of course, but they really do make spinning interesting at lower levels...

Now weed on the other hand does not impair you. I don't care how much you have smoked. In fact studies show that the matural reaction to the buzz is actually drive better. Wierd how that works out. And it also STIMULATES brain waves responsable for creativity... but anyone who has ever written a term paper while smoking should realize that already. It does effect memory after about 3 years of smoking every day, but the majority of that clears out after a week off, and after 2 years the dampening effect THC has on brain cells disappears. Lung damage is next to nill (Some try to argue that pot is 10x more harmful to lungs... but that figure is misleading. Actually, it only causes 10x the ammount of damage cigarretes do in the large airways, and none in the small air ways that cigarrettes do all their damage), and regardless of what gov't paid researchers claim, the medical and industrial uses of the plant are awsome. Like a fully renewable paper source? Fully renewable fuel source from the brightest burning oil on earth (Hemp seeds)? But Im getting off topic.

As for acid and shrooms and peyote and all those amazing conciousness expansion drugs, even these are far less harmfull than most of the crap people put in their bodies for headaches. People seem to fear these things because of what they are told, and indeed, you are poisoning your body to bring on a different perception that ordinarily wouldn't be available to you, but the theraputic value of these drugs is phenominal. Every trip is an epifanny if you learn how to control the effects. In fact I feel very strongly that every human being should trip at least once, because everyone I have ever talked to says they have a greater understanding of life from it.

Moderation in everything. To shut yourself off from an experience outright is ludicrous IMO. Doing so from experiential knowledge is different. Overindulgance in anything is bad, but correct usage of any resource can bring about a profound ammount of knowledge of the world we live in, and isn't that what life is all about? To live?

Hell, you can get WAY more messed up on any of the pharmecuticals that are available to us, and the "side effects" of these are terrible!

Raymund Phule (Fireproof) 2,905 posts
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I dont really drink that much, I mean I'll drink one or two Schmirnoff Ice and that doesnt even get me buzzed, I just like the flavor. That is when I just want a drink. If I want to get drunk then I go all out. Rarly do I do it anywhere out side of my room. I am not that much into bars and the last time I went to a bar to get drunk I went back to my room and puked on my roommates inspection boots!!

Allegidly a glass of wine a day is good for the heart. I am not a doc so I dont pretend to know if this is true or not.

Drinking is all about what YOU are comfertable with.

Some feel its a must for a good party, thats their choice.

Unfortunatly a good party can turn into a bad one real quick, especially when alcohol is involved.

Drink smart, if there is such a thing.

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smoke_n_shadows 3 posts
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drinking is one of my favourite things! i am in fact, quite incredibly pissed right now.

as long as people know what there doing, drinking and drug taking (an anyone who doesnt consider alcohol a drug is an idiot) legal or illegal (whatever, thers not a whole lot of difference) is cool. its there to make u feel good.

also, spinning while totally mashed is very fun! eevery time the fire goes past your head, its like 'wheeee, cool!!'

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ivan.. 165 posts
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Originally posted by smoke_n_shadows:

also, spinning while totally mashed is very fun! eevery time the fire goes past your head, its like 'wheeee, cool!!'

i don't drink
and it's mainly because of people who think that drinking is fun and being chemically altered is funny

chemicals that alter are a way of culling the herd.. the stupid and gullible go first making for a stronger genetic pool ...

doing anything with fire while chemically altered is stupid and childish ...

thats right i look like an albino ape that has had a bad day.. go ahead say something stupid... i dare ya !

Pyro_Tech 264 posts
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now now.... remember we all have our own opinions, you may not like what the reasons behind some people drinking are, or the actions that they participate in whilst under the influence, but that's their decision....Just be happy that your choices lead you to a more positive outcome or whatever...

As for me... This is my fourth year living on campus at a Uni which has 17 pubs within walking distance and a highly active social calender offered to I'd be lying if I said I dont get drunk and yadda yadda....

However, I pride myself in being sensible - and whilst it is their choice I do cast the odd disaproving glance at people who behave like idiots regularly and drink to purely get drunk.

I ALWAYS have a friend who is the designated driver and we take equal turns in my group of friends in taking that role for the night.
I never leave myself with less than $10 in my wallet at the end of the night so I can taxi it back home if something goes wrong....

There are very few types of alcohol that I actually enjoy drinking so I'm pretty good with not mixing my drinks which I find helps you survive the night a whole lot better...

As long as the reasons behind you drinking Alcohol are okay and not for some waste of time and money reason, then I say go for it...
Drink in moderation, have fun, be safe and enjoy Life...

We all take different paths in life, but no matter which path we take, we take a little of each other everywhere...

i8beefy2GOLD Member
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I don't see how you can consider drug use culling the herd. It doesn't really kill casual users, just those that take it to extremes, which as we have already said, is bad in any case. Now purity of body is a great thing to shoot for, indeed it is one of the most noble things one can acheive under religious auspices, but how far are you going to take that? Is the food and liquid you intake evil then as well because it isn't a natural part of our body? And what of pharmecuticals? Do you not realize that those are drugs too, and the only thing that seperates them from the others mentioned is the fact that they are legal? Heck, most of them are far more dangerous than anything natural.

Alcohol, and all drugs in general, serve a basic purpose beyond just enjoyment, though not all people use them for such. The change of perception that these allow by altering our basic functioning temporarily. The FDA's basic definition of a drug follows this idea... every drug is judged based on how its used, and if it hurts instead of helps. Of course a large majority of drugs are so misused by misinformed youths that they judge these things illegal, or only legal after a certain maturity is reached. Even more unfortunate is that most adults use them for the same purposes. Ironic, eh?

Legal or illegal, a drug is a drug. All the ones that change our perceptions are deemed dangers to society, because they are a threat to the status quo. With the legality question out of the way...

With altered perceptions also comes altered physical abilities. Anyone whos been really trashed and tried to walk knows this. Anyone who has felt how a little alcohol losens you up and quiets your mind a little without impairing physical functions should be able to see where that extra concentration ability WOULD in fact aid in spinning / coordination. Still other drugs, such as psychedelics like shrooms and LSD actually articulate your senses beyond normal ability. Thats why people like dancing on it, and why they demonstrate far better ability in such physical things at those times. Not to mention at all the theraputic uses of these drugs in psychological treatment... Try reading Dr. Leary's psychedelic reader for more on that though.

Altered perceptions are not always a bad thing. It's just like thinking outside the box. Way outside the box. Burying yourself in these altered perceptions is ludicrous too of course, but let's not be so quick to just write off an experience as evil or dangerous just because of your singular perception to it.

Heck, argued by many writers, including the great poet William Blake, is that the experiences to be had with drug use bear a striking similarity to the religious realizations of the Buddha, Christ, Paul, etc. etc. etc. Of course these were much more likely to have been realizations from controlled breathing, which would have resulted in higher levels of CO2 in the blood stream, thus allowing for the reduction of Nicotol, an anti-hallucinagenic our brain naturally produces, not from ingesting some plant to do the hard work for them.

Perception is everything. And remember, beer was invented by monks. Cheers!

Krystel 26 posts
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Flid - please leave your posts on as believe it or not they do make perfect sence and are as funny as hell. On top of that they point out one thing most peps have been saying on here already. Alcohol is apart of our culture and its not going anywhere soon. And that drinking in moderation is cool as drunk peps can be really funny!!......

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