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Posted:i have been away for awhile where is everyone at and what are you doing . where are we gatherting these days

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Posted:OK, maybe this reply is way too late but ...

1st and 3rd Sunday's under the Market Street Bridge. East side where Salmon St dead ends at the river.

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Posted:ok your post was made a while ago (back when I started spinning). I just getting back into poi after being out for a looong time w/shoulder injury. Is the 1st/3rd Sunday circle still meeting? If so where? Its been under so many bridges over the years I can't keep up. Lol. I'm in Gresham area, so if anybody out my way wants to get together at local park or my place (lots of green space) get a hold of me! I need some new spinning buddies cuz I've lost touch with all my old spinning buddies (and trying to find them too!). I wanna get a troupe started but I need more people. 2 is not enough (& 1 of those 2 is busy w/3-4 kids). So I'd love to get back into the circle under the bridge if I can track any of you down, and meet some spinners in Gresham to have fun with & maybe get a troupe started (I have done professional fire dancing yrs ago, so I'm pretty good with all the logistics) Hope to hear from someone.... anyone! =)


Posted:also is anyone into maybe helping me shoot some poi demo vids this summer? I'd love to do a project like that too.


Posted:I would be interested in helping you with a poi tutorial video! I have been thinking about doing this as well


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