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ok, so, imagine, your house is on fire, (maybey your litle brother found your poi fuel or somthing ooooops ) and you can remove one thing... anything at all... but only ONE...what wood it be?
i herd you can tell alot about a person py how they answer this question...dont know how that works tho.

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Pink...?BRONZE Member
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Hard one. Probably my memory box, as it has lots of things and photos that trigger memories. Pretty much me in a box.

Either that or my blanket. I love my blanket. ubblove

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How can you choose between children. We do firedrills with them so maybe they can save themselves.

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My cat.

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Probably my computer, the modern equivelent of the Photo Album - everything else can be replaced... Including my poi and staves...

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The fire...

..ho hum...

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Laptop. Without a doubt.

Seconded only by my guitar. I'm assuming the cat can find her own stupid way out

Eww, Liza Minelli...

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My girlfriend!
If she was in the process of saving herself I'd hand her my computer (for the photo's) and then I'd start trying to pick up some of my record collection. There's a load of stuff in there that I'd never be able to replace.

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uh.... that would depend on what I'm closest to at the moment. Barry (my cat), Misty (my family's fat cat... and I mean fat when I say fat), Harlequin (my snake), or the Navi (my laptop).

Now, what would really be a pickle were if somehow, I had miraculously gotten the cats to hang out in my room (where Harley's tank is), while I was working on my laptop. THAT would suck, and I believe my head would explode.

However, a million suns would also be exploding with the sheer improbability of having Misty allow Barry in her presence. ubbrollsmile

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domino, your the first person to come up with that answer! everyone tells me im strange wen i tell them id take the fire, but, it wood work!
altho, if the fire wasnt an option, it wood have to be...umm...probably my guitar. but it is a tricky quetsion isnt it? you probly woodnt realy know untill it happened.

The nite is nearly over, day is almost here. Romans 13:12

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Probably myself. No point sitting there burning to death after chucking someting out the window.

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it would be the picture if my mother and her family when whe was about 7 .
now she is 45 and her parents are both gone and not much contact with her brother or sisters.
yep i want that photo ubblove

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