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Posted:Wow! very impressive. Nice to see some good hoop isolation going on, very rarely get to see hoops being isolated

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out of curiosity: what are those hoops? and where do you get them from?
i've got a set of 8 12inch linking rings (the magical kind) and i've been thinking (or trying to think) of ways to include them ina juggling routine. of course, juggling them is just like juggling rings but the linking then becomes VERY difficult. perhaps some form of this kind of manipulation might be better. i'll go practise and see how well it works with smaller rings

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Posted:Larry, it's either a normal hoop covered in Silver/circus tape, or a metal hoop. I *think* beard do them... When you're at chocfest, have a look on the beard stall. they may well have one or two.

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Posted:Magic. Like a hole into another dimension. An insperation ubblove

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It's so smooth.

Reminds me of mime, but with a hoop tongue
Cool stuff.


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