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ben-ja-menGOLD Member
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So on friday it was bucketing down rain which was strange seeing as it was 40 degrees two days earlier, so we went back under the bridge for spinning unfortunately there where two rather drunk petrol sniffing/kero drinking types. They seemed harmless enough just very loud, one of them kept coming over and introducing himself, when i was spinning doubles everytime i dropped a stick he would run over pick it up and bring it back to me.

After awhile the second one started doing some acro balence style stuff with his mate going hey everyone look at this, to which they got no response, then the second one came over and started to shadow spar next to me. I ignored him for awhile and he left then came back a little closer and I realised I was going to have to talk to him before he walked into my sticks to instigate a fight. It was really sad talking to him as he was only a shell of a man, I talked to him for awhile and then told me he was really sorry for his life which was really sad. He then tried to impress me with his spinning prowess and fell on the ground.

After which we left, it was really sad, not just because they brought down the vibe of the night but because they had sunk so low they didnt have the social skills to be able to fit into one the most welcoming community ive seen. To top it off they knew they didnt fit in but so desperately wanted to frown

Even with radical changes to society it might be possible in an ideal world to ensure ppl dont head down that path but even in such an ideal world there are those who have already fallen and have no place, i guess all one can do is offer sympathy ......

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When we have our weekly practice meets in the park during the summer there's always a few of these types that manage to show up, usually with no toys, no fuel, and no experience. But they want to have a go anyways.

I've taken to carrying a spare set of old and clapped out Poi, an old staff, and a bucket of kerosene ( normally I use white gas, but I'm not giving that up to somebody who's probably drunk ) and I usually try to put them off spinning for a while, until they bug me enough to let them have a go, or go bug someone else.

I haven't found these people to bring down the vibe at all, and their lifestyles aren't usually a topic of conversation but one trick we've found is to act absolutely paranoid about alcohol consumption, which is illegal in public spaces here, with the justification that we're afraid of getting kicked out of the space we've been using for the past four years...So far it's worked, mind you, they're on our turf, we're not on theirs.

In an ideal world ( like Gattica ) we might have a chance of stopping people from heading down this road, but it's not ideal, and people do have the freedom to make bad choices in their lives but the world is filled with stories of those who've fallen and then gotten back up.

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those people are the people i spent a lot of time with over the past year, the misfit...i gather those around me like a protective circle, because we seem to be a loyal least they are protective about me
it seems that many of them are afraid of change, even of success...if they can mess up this bad now, what happens when they have resources...
this group is the only group that had anything positive to say about my spinning, the rest think it's just silly (it is but silly as in what a stupid thing to waste your time on silly)
a few of them tried it but i told them they can't even use my socks when they've been drinking...too much chance of destruction
as much as i love them, i have to be careful, destruction is part of who they are...they know not to come to my work, cause i will beat them soundly...they know i've quit drugs, so they know not to bring it around, cause i will beat them soundly
but they are good loyal people, who have learn how to actually enjoy the little things, because sometimes that's all they have

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