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Posted:frown grrrrrr, i had this really crappy day today... there was this paper we had to give in which i thought was optional, but the teacher told me today that it wasnt(yes, i was very surprised and wasnt the only one who thought the same). so if i didnt turn it in, i couldnt go to the exam... so i run home, make it as good as i can, i spent 8 hours doing that damn thing(ppl have spent aourn 20-30 hours)and it turns out not too bad. i had to give it to him before 9pm, so as always, i try to make it as good as possible in the last minute, and end up rushing through the city like a maniac in the car at 8.45, getting to his office at 8.55 without the damn paper coz hotmail is crap, and he wasnt there anymore...
right now i feel like crying, breaking stuff, hurting myself (oooh, long time havent felt this one), giving up and lots of other things.
sorry, just needed to vent
frown frown frown

Don't you destroy your enemy by making him your friend?? - Rev Bem (Magog), Andromeda


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Posted:Aw, those days happen to the best of us. hug
Breathe and know that everything will work out. meditate
I hope you have some time to go out and play, let off some steam. weavesmiley juggle beerchug

"You must be the change you wish to see in the world" Gandhi

Rouge Dragon
Rouge Dragon

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I'm in Japanese mode right now, so i can't offer any condolences and support in spanish...like some in japanese? ubbrollsmile

i would have changed ***** to phallus, and claire to petey Petey

Rougie: but that's what I'm doing here
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Posted:That really stinks.

**huggles** hug hug hug hug

I say go for the first two and don't do the second two. Just make sure you don't break anything you'll need later on. wink Everyone has these days every now and then...Just take a big, deep breath and let it out nice and slow. And have some chocolate. Chocolate always helps. wink

hug hug hug hug

Are you suggesting coconuts migrate?

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Posted:yeah ive had a couple of those days myself...

not cool, but those are the best days, cause you learn something valuable aswell... whatever it might be "so my mom always says when i complain to her" lol

You are the only problem you will ever have
and you are the only solution

Location: Madrid, Spain
Member Since: 4th Jan 2002
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Posted:thx guys/girls/whatever...
well, today has been quite well, i just needed lots of sleep and something nice happening... which did, coz the teacher accepted my paper biggrin cool and the rest of the day also went quite well.
i didnt do any of the last twothings i thought of, they dont really help :P (easy to say now...)
and yes, i guess theres something to learn with everything. who knows, i think right now it might even be two things: not letting things for the last minute (i think we all know that...) and accepting that sometimes things screw up. makes normal days seem so much better smile
sunny days and fluffy feelings to all of you! my heart is singing again! clap

Don't you destroy your enemy by making him your friend?? - Rev Bem (Magog), Andromeda

The Tea Fairy
The Tea Fairy

old hand
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Posted:See, there you go.... things usually work out for the best in the end! hug

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