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RyGOLD Member
Gromit's Humble Squire
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Location: Brisbane, Australia

Seven million six hundred and ninety two thousand and twenty four square kilometeres of Australia and not a single hamster or gerbil??

*excluding the few imported for medical and scientific testing.

A pair of socks to the first person who can prove otherwise!

PS. An actual hamster or gerbil. e.g. John Howard is not a hamster or a gerbil. He is most definitely a koala.


awakenSILVER Member
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Location: Brisbane, Australia

ubblol Thanks Sarah! Thats exactly what I've been telling him. He's still finds the evidence 'inconclusive' though. hummm! I'm waiting for my socks! ha ha ha

Ry and I patted some gerbils and chinchillas in Singapore and since then, I've really wanted them too! They are super cute and a bit more placid than rats - more content to just lounge in your palm.

Ry's trying to extend the parameters of the bet now to say 'one (one somewhere in australia', eg like for medical research, or illegally... umm

rock hopping, hop-scotching, pippy pocky stocking - Sureau - wink thanks Jen! biggrin

Ry: I can't hear you. I'm listening to The Spice Girls.

faith enfireBRONZE Member
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the chinchillas at our work were always hyper, and the squish easy too

Nay, whatever comes one hour was sunlit and the most high gods may not make boast of any better thing than to have watched that hour as it passed

FoxInDocsSILVER Member
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Location: Adelaide, SA, Australia

i'm not sure i wanna know what you mean by that faith...

"i am exotic, and must keep my arms down" - Rougie

"i don't understand what penises have to do with getting married" - Foxie

hazington 51 posts
Location: Sunshine coast, Queensland

i had a sugar glider for a while but i really want a ferret ive just got to move from queensland, australia before i can have one frown

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