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Posted:Not sure if this has been discussed before but didnt see any other topics which looked as if they did.

I was just wondering, what other sports/hobbies/activities do you people find help with poi? In any context that is, be it co-oridnation or flexibility or whatever?

Practise makes Poi-fect :P


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Posted:Anything that increases coordination helps with poi. From my experience, dance (and even Dance Dance Revolution) help like nothing else. Martial arts also really good for poi. If you need to work on flexibilty for BTB/UTA/UTL/BTH, stretching is your best friend.


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Posted:i agree i have been doing karate since i was a little kid and it has helps with mental co-ordination and understanding

dance is great because its more entertaining when you are watching someone dance with poi and staff juggle weavesmiley

are you gonna drink that?