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Posted: hey im really new to this ive never really seen this stuff live but ive seen so many videos, and im really wanting to learn this so i was wondering if anyone could tell me to get and if possible teach me some things? or just tell me some places to get some classes i live around tacoma, seattle area
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Posted:I don't know about classes in Seattle, but I know there are a lot of people who spin there. I am in Port Townsend area, you are welcome to come play with me and a friend if you are ever in the area. We are both pretty new, but just have fun with Poi in the backyard. wave

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Posted:I'm up North Seattle / Northgate and am always down to spin, I guess I'm an advanced n00b.

I grew up in Port Orchard, not too far from Port Townsend.



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Posted:I'm another newbie, down in Olympia but I'm also up in Seattle often with Pythonjosh smile Port Townsend sounds like it's doable too, just takes me a few hours to get out that way.


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