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So, I am posting this here because I am really infuriated on so many levels.
Cassandra sent this to me in PM, and gave me permission to copy it here. I feel this is prudent to publically address because so many of us were named in this letter, and in blatant lies and mistruths that I feel is offensive and should be known about.

"just got an email from "cantus fraggle" but I KNOW it was not him cause
it is not his style and not his email address either

here is what the mail said

listen, I think we have all had enough of you and it is time for you
to know that.
I get emails from people such as Fluffly Napalm Fairy, valura, Trippy
Hippy, Bam Bam, Lunchbox, Bluecat, 1112, Magnus, Dio, Rozi,
Pele and even Malcolm telling me they are tired of you.
So given your post about some of us changing our identities online
but I am writing you with my real name
Stop "shining" on Home of Poi, we do not want you and your fake

Now, we fully realize this is not Cantus writing this. It is not his style at all and the way the names are listed is completely incorrect for what Cantus would say.
I am upset that someone used HoP resources to cause pain.
I am livid that this was a violation against someone I LOVE DEARLY
I am angry because so many unsuspecting people, whom I also care about, were brought into this.

The blatant lies and ignorance with which this was done was to levels of immaturity that are completely incomprehensible to me. The astounding amount of disrespect for HoP and the people named is astronomical.
It is from a very insecure place, a very jealous and cruel heart that this letter comes from. It sickens me that the attack was on someone so lovely, so giving and so beautiful inside and out as Cassandra. But it is always the lovely ones that the insecure try to take down isn't it.

So here is my note to the person who did this. I pity you for your cowardice (hiding behind a wall of strangers, pretending to speak for them? How cowardly can you get?). Whatever you were trying to pull didn't work. Cassandra knows I have a big mouth and a protective attitude. Truly if she wishes, Cassandra can actually have the email tracked (written from a Cantus Fraggle hotmail account, btw for all you net savvy) and take legal measures to have your service provider ban you. She is wonderful and should not bat an eyelash at your pettiness however.
I sincerely hope that someday you find peace with yourself, because maybe then you will find that these actions are not funny, nor are they productive in anyway. Perhaps when that day comes you will find yourself in her place and know how it feels.

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