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Posted:heya, aehm...
Im on travelling, originall from germany and now since 8 months in this collourfull country...
try to get use to this forum *grins*

hey, i d like to come to christchurch for the buskers festival, and loking for a great spot to stay with the Van, not far away from the happenings...
If somebody has a lovely backgarden ore a idear about a good Park ore something like that...

i really looking forwardt this festival, i havn t meet that much jugglers on traveling...
like to learn some more tricks and... yeah just meet other freaks *grins***
**cheers*** for every tip..

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Posted:Hey ya Anke,
Guess who... Brian from the Dusky way back when...
I had to go back to the track to find your last name!
email me!


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i am coming to new zealand and want to go to hte juggling festival - looking for anyone wants to do a short road trip maybe see some lakes/fjords etc for a few days after festival.

when is the busking festival?

sunpixie x