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So the date for the next Synergy SeOne event is out

 Written by:

The Synergy Project

Friday, 9th of February 2007

SEOne Club London Bridge, Weston Street, SE1London UK

For a bigger version of the complete Flyer click here

To see a map of the venue's inside & Non Smoking Areas click here

To read more about the Peaceful Smoking Inititative click here

Please read up on the Venue's Drug Policy here

To check out where to get tickets click here

To find out how to find us click here

The dynamic collective of the Synergy community returns to bring together the many inspired souls of today, to celebrate a better world for tomorrow.

Synergy is a magical indoor festival, combining musicians, Djs, Vjs, performers, and artists from all corners of creativity, joined by various proactive NGO's and charities.

Synergy strives to create an optimistic approach in raising awareness on the many crucial issues affecting our world today. The events gather some of the Uk's leading creative multimedia organizations supported by international NGO's such as Oxfam, Survival, Speak, WWF, Greenpeace, Arc, and Campaign Against Climate Change, to provide just the right mix of open hearted enjoyment and meaningful reflection for a new direction.

This new event will host an incredibly varied mix of different elements:

In the Grey Room...

The Little Green Planet

Presents: Dream World

The little green planet crew have gained their reputation through legendary outdoor parties in magical locations throughout the Uk. This will be the first of two indoor events planed for this year bringing together a storming mix of uplifting Psychedelic Trance artists and a full immersive psychedelic vibe!




(Nano records)

Funky & Melodic blend of Psychedelic and Progressive Trance



(Liquid records)

Forest-born organic textures with energetic sonic grooves, a delicate balance of clean chilled sounds and cheeky dynamic synths.


Hopi (Dragonfly records)

Leila (Dragonfly records)

Jeremy (Liquid records/LGP)

G-Nome (Org Kaos/LGP)

Liquid Djems (Liquid records)

Liquid Elf (Liquid records/LGP)

Deocor: Liquid drops + friends

Visuals: Inside-Us-All


In the Blue Room


Striving to constantly evolve and explore new horizons, Synergy introduces a new alternative style of chill-out, venturing into contemporary realms of fresh and experimental forms of electronic music. The room will be hosted by a collaboration between IDSpiral and Pixel Addicts, supported by Boltfish Recordings to present a cutting edge multi media environment that will take you on a journey through an eclectic mix of IDM, Glitch and Melodic Abstract Electronica




(Toytronic / Benbecula)

Glitchy Orchestral-influenced Melodic Electronica / IDM

Vector Lovers


(Soma / Iwari)

Electro-influenced Dreamy Electronic Lullabies



(Boltfish Rec. / en:peg Digital)

Complex IDM Beat Patterns Immersed in Atmospheric Synth Tones



(Rednetic Recordings)

Abstract / Glitchy Emotive Electronica

Infinite Scale


(Toytronic / Boltfish Rec.)

Atmospheric Electro / IDM



(Boltfish Rec. / Static Caravan)

Warm Experimental Melodic Electronica



(Boltfish Recordings)

Cinematic Glitched-Out Electronica


(Native State Records / IDSpiral)

Post Rock Meets Minimal Glitch DJ Set

Deco: IDSpiral / Pixel Addicts

Visuals: Pixel Addicts / Bubble Vision


In the Cream Room

Silk Road Arts

We live in an age when unprecedented contact between peoples seems to throw up more borders and suspicion

The legendary Silk Road is an example of age-long exchanges between peoples Jew, Muslim, Christian, Buddhist from Moorish Spain to Arab peninsula, across Central Asia to China. In their trade they left traces in each other's dance, song, poetry, beliefs.

SILK ROAD ARTS is an initiative to foster greater harmony by offering events, workshops, and artists inspired by the Silk Road.

One of the areas of our mission is to re-introduce Muslim and non-Muslim to a spiritually tolerant expression of Islam and wider view of its arts.

Showcasing brilliant, indigenously trained artists and groups, SILK ROAD ARTS brings an ancient power to move and illuminate our rootless three-minute culture.

We are pleased to host the room with Kazum! Organizers of OrientExpress live music and club nights with a focus on Turkish and Balkan music.


Hurriyya (Live & Workshop)


Hurriyya (freedom') is a dabka' dance troupe performing Palestinian and Middle-eastern community dances. After a shortened performance Alia Alzougbi will lead a workshop ideally suited to the Synergy gathering. The dabka' dance is a line step-dance often danced at weddings by men and women, young and old alike, from the Arab world to Turkey and Greece, generating great community togetherness. No experience necessary!

Michael Ormiston (Live)

A performance of Mongolian music using throat singing, morin khuur (horse head fiddle), and Tobshuur (plucked lute). Michael Ormiston specializes in Mongolian Khmii (overtone) singing, being one of the few Westerners to study with masters in Mongolia and given permission to sing Khmii.

Taraweeh (Live)

Taraweeh' means refreshment of the soul'. Led by master ney-player Louai Alhenawi , this five-piece ensemble offers a rare chance to hear passionate Sufi music from the Arab tradition.

DJ Seb and DJ Moody from OrientExpress (new, urban and chilled beats from Turkey, the Balkans and beyond)

Short, sweet interludes of Persian mysticism read by Saghar Forouhi

Kazum! caf with Turkish tea, baklavas, halva, falafels

Visual design by Lightning Rod from Bubblevision and Silk Road Arts

Also featuring Wendalena LIVE portrait drawing class


In the Red Room

United Tribes of Dance

After Spirit Dance' at Sunrise 2006 comes: At The Speed of Love'

A Sacred Dance space where the Tribes of Dance come together as One, in Truth, dedicated to personal and planetary transformation. Now!

United Tribe of Dance is a conscious and intentional dance space of the highest quality, dedicated to personal and planetary transformation, and to creating and sharing a sense of the sacred. At its core is the creation of a friendly, open and heart-centred vibe through the alchemical synthesis of the intention, music, lights, dcor and people.


10.00-11.30pm: Groundswell to Stargate

Guided visually-enhanced dance journey through the genres into the experience of divinity and back. A taste of what is to come

Sean Holland (Live) - Funky Tribal Progressive

(Fiftypointfour Records)

DJ U.M.B. - Arabic House

(Shisha Sound Systems)

DJ Arjuna - Uplifting and Tribal Trance

(United Tribes of Dance)

Zetan Spore (Live) Cornish Tribal Psy-Trance

The Bee (Kimberley) Deep House Love-Grooves

Fully immersive UV environment

Energetically-cleansed, crystal-enhanced space

Earth altar, Oxygen

Info on 9/11 Truth Movement

Freedom, love, treats and the friendliest vibe


In the Deep Blue Room

Small World Stage

Acoustic Session

A musical treat deep from the heart of the venue.

A top draw line up of intense, beautiful and inspiring artists

from the UK's Alternative Folk and Underground Acoustic scene.


Hush The Many (Live)

Radiohead take a trip in the woods

from truly mesmerising to utterly intense

Pinknruby (Live)

Hauntingly beautiful. If Enya came from

Transylvania she would make music like this

Jamie Woon (Live)

Deservedly creating a gentle storm wherever he plays

Looped guitar and vocals like champagne and chocolate

Corneilius (Live)

Beautiful songs of community and action.

Addressing the issues we face to change our world

Edwin's Encyclopaedia (Live)

A veritable cornucopia of weirdness. The strangest

instruments accompanying Edwin's harmonic vocals.

Twomanting (Live)

Afro-Jazz Dance. Bouncing guitar, rolling African

percussion, loops and lilting harmonies.

All woven together by Dj Pony



A series of presentations hosted by Jeff (GoodJeff) Laster will be held in the Small World area (deep blue room) from 10:00 to 12:30

'40th Anniversary Summer of Love'

In Honour of the 40th Anniversary Year of the World Changing 'Summer of Love' as well as the San Fransisco 'Human Be-In', Synergy Presents:

Night of the Counterculture, Past, Present, and Future'

The Past:

Sue Hall has been involved in the English Counterculture since the sixties. She will present a series of historical photos from the Sixties Counterculture and talk about the influences that led up to it. Sue will tell us what it was like to be at the legendary Alternative Sixties club UFO as well as the legendary sixties 'happening', the 14 hour Technicolour Dream She will then be happy to take questions from the audience. Sue recently gave a well-received talk on LSD in Basel at the 100th birthday of LSD inventor Albert Hoffmann.

Lee Harris , familiar to many as the owner of Britain's legendary 'headshop' on Portobello Road, Alchemy , described himself as a 'footsoldier of the underground'. He will share his vast knowledge of the Sixties Counterculture with us by recounting in his inimitable fashion various scenes and tales from that time. LEE, now an 'Angel Headed hip hop artist' is still very active in the Counterculture and in Jimmy Hendrix's words is 'keeping the freak flag flying high'.

Greg Sams is acknowledged as a true 'Icon' of the Counterculture. He has been described as the most interesting person in London. Author of 'UnCommon Sense: The State is Out of Date' and more recently 'Perhaps-Stuff is Smarter than we Think', Greg also founded Ceres Macrobiotic Food Shop, Harmony(Whole Earth) Foods, SEED Macrobiotic Restaurant, Strange Attraction, (a shop dedicated to Chaos Theory), invented the Vegeburger, has been a prominent Street Reclaiming activist, is a dedicated raver and is simply a great inspiration to people of all ages in the Counterculture.

The Present:

The Rainbow Family the biggest community of Alternative people in the world (anyone can join) and the amazing Rainbow Gatherings have gathered people from the Counter culture together since 1972. Su and several other Family members will recount the history of the Gatherings and talk about the philosophy behind them, taking questions from the audience as well.

The Future:

Megatripolis @ Forever: first chapter in a series of sci-fi club radio plays by the legendary Counterculture impresario, Fraser Clark. inventor of Megatripolis (at Heaven) and The Warp Experience (SE1). Enter here (at your own risk) for the great time travel experiment. Starring: Kate Alderton, Funmi Olowe, Leigh Kelly, Mitch Davies,Luci Boccino, Camden Macdonald. Directed by Camden Macdonald.

Host: Jeff (GoodJeff) Laster has been an Alternative Culture activist from the Sixties to the present, both in both in America and Britain. He specialises in creating talks and debates on issues of interest to the Counterculture and Rave Generation. His passion for the Neil Oram's 23 hour theatrical CounterCulture opus The Warp led him to bring it to bring it to Fraser Clark's club The Warp Experience (SE1) in 1999.


Synergy inclusive to Smokers and Non-Smokers alike

As most of you will know Synergy is one of the pioneering clubs that supports the peaceful (and healthy) coexistence of smokers and non-smokers alike. To this effect we are designating large areas that are clearly marked as non smoking. We have received much support for this attempt thank you to all who help us achieve this not always easy goal.

Glow toy performances throughout the venue by the Jedi Jugglers


Friday 9th of February 2007

Starting at 10pm and finishing at 8am

The venue is the SeOne Club, Weston Street, London Bridge

Advanced tickets are available for 15 plus booking fee from our website or for 20 on the door, 15 concessions are only available on the door with valid proof

Please bring ID if you look like you might still be in your teens

Please also do not buy from ticket touts!

Online tickets are available via the online shop @ or also

Order over the phone from +44 (0)20 7267 8320

Physical Tickets from:

Access All Areas - 2nd Floor, 30c Camden Lock Place, London NW1 8AF 0207 267 832

Psychedelic Dream Temple Camden Lock

& the Synergy Centre 220 Farmer's Road Camberwell SE5 0TE

Tel 0207 7931083

for questions please email

Or if you just want to become a friend of Synergy, join us at

We are happy to meet you! =)

Next Confirmed Events: 2007

Friday 30 th March / Friday 11 th May

So who wants to go, and does anyone know how I can officially get in as a performer smile

EDITED_BY: Yakumo (1169081936)

Blinded by Hyperlights, please donate generously grin

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