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It's 2007, so what are your goals for this year?

I'm not real sure what mine are yet, I'll come back and edit this when I know them, but I do know a couple for sure: go to uberparis, and finish the LAB series of videos.


What are yours? Remember a year is a long time...

okay... my goals:

:: Tell a story, or at least communicate something other than "I can do staff well" in a routine.

:: learn a couple more performance styles.

:: get my knee better and do more acrobatics.

:: learn contact doubles, and possibly long doubles also.

:: make more comedy non-fire Staffs.

:: learn to Juggle three staffs

:: quit my job. go to circus school.

:: learn roue cyr smile

:: make more doubles tutorials.

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Yeah...I did grow up to staff, lol. I know other guard people that grew into staff, just cause it's such a freakin natural transition. I started with Poi, but I always planned to do staff of some form.

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ubblol I've had the goal "make a new staff" since last october, I even have the design, and I only finally went to B&Q the other day because someone had a car. And I still haven't finished putting it together.

I've also decided I want to work on choreography because of watching jugglesoc practices for 'woodstock' in summer term.

I haven't spun fire(staff) in... ... 4.5 years? I'm finally starting to think about returning to fire performances, but I haven't made up my mind yet. Mostly I just mess around, of late with other people's strange toys and steel poles of doom. I don't have any goals when it comes to moves or performance, right now.

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 Written by: mcp

 Written by: mcp

1:: Tell a story, or at least communicate something other than "I can do staff well" in a routine.
2:: learn a couple more performance styles.
3:: get my knee better and do more acrobatics.
4:: learn contact doubles, and possibly long doubles also.
5:: make more comedy non-fire Staffs.
6:: learn to Juggle three staffs
7:: quit my job. go to circus school.
8:: learn roue cyr smile
9:: make more doubles tutorials.

so in lieu of it being the actual end of the year... I can state what goals I have and have accomplished... along with some maybes.

1) Almost... But not really.
2) Half...
3) knee better = Done! WIN! Integrating acrobatics and contact... I need more time with a healed knee... = LOSE
4) WIN.
5) WIN. (with more to come...)
6) WIN. Three Staffs have been juggled.
7) FAIL. Job is still here. Circus schoool will have to wait till next year.
8) WIN. But still having trouble finding places and time to practise. I can do it now thou.
9) FAIL. Actually [censored] it, I made a DVD. This is now WIN.

So I needs to work on more performance stuff. And get rid of the job. Oh well could be worse. My knee is better and in that regard, life is very very good.

How's the rest of you guys holding up? Time to think up some 'resolutions' for next year... joys! ubblol

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"the still legendary" - Kaskade

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 Written by: bastl

_single fishtails

more antispins and islotions

_dual fishtails

freedom in movement through all standart directions and combinations (solid)

_3 staff throwing

just come up with combinations, variations...nothing for stage

_keep on working with david on our contactshow

_perform in an other continent than europe

_produce 2 conceptual staffvideos with david

_and yes learn steves, (full, all parts, prayer) as promised

allright, here is how it went in vienna for me smile

single fishtales:

FAIL -no new antispin or isolation patterns

dual fishtales:

yep, DONE, solid in all (i could think of) basic butterfly and same direction variations ubbrollsmile

3 staff:

hm i just made it up to step 7 out of 12 to a mills mess behind the back...

actually together with david we created some nice 3 staff lego patterns haha WIN (just different than imagened beginning of the year)

_contactshow with david

actually i FAILED, but instead i developed a soloroutine and performed it at uberparis, play and 531 maybe halfway WIN ??? wink

FAILED in performing in an other continent, -not even left europe at all frown , still performed in 7 european contries, but hopefully next year visiting the world for perfoming, teaching and skill sharing

2 conceptual staff vids with david:

censored FAILED, we started working on a monster-project recently thou,

but there have been quite a lot of videos this year,

6 fenfire vids,

2 fishtale ones,

3 of other producers (staff Juggling only, megs staff DVD, and noel-skis contact DVD)

yeah, hopefully even more next year wink

finaly steves:

haha i WAS able to do it, but i didnt train it in the last 6 month ...damn fishtales wink

 Written by: bastl

defining a 3 staff goal..

..3 staff continious btb

...hold it on vid for 30 sec umm

argh i can perform 3 staff backcrosses, but just for a flash not for 30 sec....

overall i am happy an pleased how this year worked out, so many new friends and wicked festival times, hard working with the fenfire crew, combined with propper training and manipulation technique development, i am loving it wink

big cheers to david, rob, meg, ros, ian, steve and all supporters you!

_told the fishfable to wes peden
_heard gloria gaynors "i will survive" 3 times live the same 20 min performance!

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caged contact: FAIL

but learnt some cool doubles patterns: (minor) win

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 Written by: bluecat

 Written by: bluecat

learn more stuff.
watch kyle, will, meg and meast more wink
actually play with some wierd ideas i've been having, instead of just having them

1 - yep biggrin
2 - yep biggrin more to come, too...
3 - mmm. done some, but too busy with loads of other stuff....

2 1/2 out of 3.

not so busy for me then wink

now up to 3/3 smile (Is that no right, Orange?)

but have new, more defined goals. that'll be 2008 then.....

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 Written by: strugz

use my legs smile

skin up less ubblol


I can walk and im not stoned!


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You're not on hop anymore... hippy. tongue

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"the still legendary" - Kaskade

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I don't believe him wink

A couple of balls short of a full cascade... or maybe a few cards short of a deck... we'll see how this all fans out.

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 Written by: burningoftheclavey

learn doubles
more continuous moves
more moves in both directions
linking contact
play more!!

hmm... so..
doubles - not really.. one or two basic moves..
more continuous moves - yuss.
more moves in both directions - yes. mostly. im lazy..rolleyes
linking contact - yay! i can do this now, mostly achieved by..
playing more - although i still work too much. *harumph*

so...four. ish. new years staff goals to come. smile

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 Written by: ArthurBrown

Quit my job for a year, and bum around Ireland staffing every day.

Yep. Totally pwned this one with added busking sprinkles on top.
Moved to Ireland,
got some doubles stuff nailed,
remade my practice doubles into UV contact Staffs to do doubles contact with,
and had an amazing time.

win win!

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 Written by: poje

Lern staff

Totally got it, Plus i learned Contact Staff so win win biggrin


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 Written by: Pogo69

bucketloads! cos I don't have much under my belt to begin with... wait that didn't come out right... I got plenty under my belt, just not a lot of contact... damnit, that's not right either...

ignore all that...

* make halo more consistent
* learn fishtails
* learn steve - aka stop the staff from shooting straight up in the air
* whatever follows

damn... not a good year for keeping to the programme:

whatever follows --> N/A

however... I have had rather a better year with doubles... I became enamoured with doubles and antispin and flowers and stuff earlier in the year. enough to go and buy a set of doubles and *gasp* actually practise something occasionally.

the result of which is that I can actually do a few things with them now... almost enough to play and dance a bit.

see 'Staff Goals for 2008' for the next exciting installment.

--pogo (pat) [forever and always]

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 Written by: faithinfire

learn some contact
put a routine together (that goes for Poi too)
2007 looks like it will be a busy year so i will leave it open like that

I did well for the warm part of the year but I just don't have room inside.

I learned a little contact

No routine shrug

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