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Hi, I'm completely new to the poi scene. I saw a friend of mine do it and as anyone would do, I went to youtube and searched for videos of it. Now, I'm not stupid enough to start out with fire, but one question sits heavily in my head:
What makes the whole "stream effect" of poi? I've seen many videos of Yuta, where he will do flowers and it will almost be visible as a constant picture. Then seeing others, it will be the perfect design, no flaws in the movements, but it is more like dots moving along the path, rather than 'snakes'. What causes this? Is it rotation speed? The type of poi? The age of the poi? Also, What's the difference between Kea, Mura, and Weka poi?

As for me being a beginner:
I don't know if it was just me, but I found it to be slightly.... costly to buy sock poi, then fluffy poi, onto led poi, and finally, if done, fire poi.

I'm 15 so I guess I have more of a set budget, but I don't consider myself dense enough to go to fast and mutilate myself to a raisin with LED or other poi. Could I just start with those?

Finally, I live in a rather populated area and I'm considering if it's worth searching for a teacher. I kind of want to learn this on my own and do it privately with a DVD or something. I know that's a less 'right there to help you with your problems', but would those of you past beginners say it makes a great difference from learning from online videos and DVDs in comparison to teachers?

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the difference between the "stream effect" and the "dots" is probably more in the camera work than anything eg how many frmaes per second, editing etc etc

Poss a bit from how fast people are spinning as well.confused

If you take a closer look at the shop and compare, the difference seems to be in the length of the poi heads and in the "chain" used ie 1 is wire, the other is ball chain.

Fine to start of with led poi: as long as you don't mind a few bruises along the way. I went straight from my "rolled up newspaper" (see below) to fire poi but have been around fire spinning awhile, am older (24 when starting) and had a friend that did fire staff. also learnt basic poi (maori) at school as a young child.

If you want to stick to a budget, go to a second hand shop. buy some old long socks and chuck tennis balls in them.

Not sure where you're located but have a look around at cheapy department stores too.

I started with rolled up newspaper, wrapped in plastic bags, and some string around for the "chain". Very light in comparison to actual fire poi but didn't cost me a dime smile

I did have to remake it a couple of times though.

For any other info, (I hate to say this but) pleeease do a search.:D

There are a whole lot of other people who are just starting out with the same sort of questions that you have,

AT your age I'd definitely recommend someone to teach you. Where abouts are you? You could try the meet others section, have a look through the threads there to see of anyone else is around your area.

If not, post up a thread to find out who is around. weavesmiley juggle weavesmiley

Edit: Ask your friend that you saw do it for some advice on how to get started and some moves smile

Goos luck cool

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Yeah, I searched, but I guess not thoroughly enough from the results and various threads that came up. I got mostly of beginners courses for somewhere.

Yeah, I'd thought of the whole frame per second of the camera, but forgot to list that as a thought.

Thanks for the idea of the whole "meet others" I read the forum title and didn't even think of it <<; Thank you for the help! ^_^

Btw, I live in Colorado in the Denver/Metro area (I think it is xD), but I will definitely ask my friend how they started out once I find out their email (they live in North Carolina).

FireByNiteFireByNiteSILVER Member
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typical bloody searches ubbloco

so hard to find anything

have re-written above a bit so have another look eh?

No worries for the help, hey, we've all been beginners at some stage right??!

Are you up for it?

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try searching in a forum rather than the whole site: it helps to narrow down your results a bit..

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Socks + tennis balls = dirt cheap and many people use nothing else because fire is a bit of a gimmick really. The stretchiness in usual socks annoys me so I have some 'cone poi' that are made from non stretchy fabric.

Glowies = fun at night but often hard when they hit you

Fire poi = you don't have to light them up to practice with them, and if you do practice with them you will be used to the weight when you eventually do light them.

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with sock poi if you can get hold of a pair or rugby socks they dont strech there great its what i use

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I love my poi set... it has detachable tails and it's lightweight, looks neat, and very easy to learn with smile

this is the set I have

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or, seeing as you've picked out yuta's vid's that do this sometimes, the stream effect your talking about could just be the motion blur/trail that is a post production filter added to part of the footage.

This effect can be gotten by spinning a lot faster, or using long exposures for still shots, but in video a lot of the time filters have been used to enhance it, and quite a few of these create a dotted, rather than smooth effect that both fit your description, it all depends on the filter, and settings used to achieve it.

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