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(and for everyone who just lost: ha ha!! biggrin)

Happy new year everyone!!!!

Because I think Mot isn't drawing anywhere near enough attention to it by hiding it in his videos thread, please go here to download Digital Contact Juggling, the game! No more broken plates, no more freaked out pets/SOs/Neighbours, thanks to Mot you can now practise your CJ without ever leaving your desk!

Furthermore, if you use your arrow keys to pan over to the right in the game, you will find Mots xmas videos of the past three years, and over on the left some funky tunes to listen to while you Balance That Ball! (or Isolate That Ball, but I'm stuck on the balancing one for now)

You need winRAR to extract it, and you need to "extract to" - location of your choosing - otherwise you will not be able to find it anymore and lose your highscore, as I have just learned from bitter experience smile

My highscore for the balancing game so far is 582 - so NYEH! tongue

everyone's unique except me

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So you've nearly unlocked the special thing then..... smile

Come forth and thou shalt win enternal happiness. but he came fifth so he won an electric toatser.

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