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Before sunday.

I couldn't really find anything that would help me... so i'm asking the nice people on here!

The move i'm trying to do is basically starting from a figure 8 side-to-side move (any technical names would be appreciated). When my staff is crossed over to the right side, i lean forward slightly, then when i cross it back to the left I throw out my left hand to the ground, and kick off from the ground as I bring the stick around to the other side.

This is where I have a problem. Since the cartwheel goes for longer than i can spin my hand, I have to roll it around - what i have been trying to do is roll it around 2 fingers, but half of the time it flies off. And for some reason, just rolling it around my hand doesn't work too well, as the stick ends up sliding too far, and I get charcoal on my hands. When it does work, coming out is easy enough.

Does anyone have any suggestions of what i could do to keep the stick in place while i'm cartwheeling?

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not sure if i quite understand what you are doing but if it is what i think it is (basically a fig 8 then a cartwheel keeping the staff in front of you) try doing one beat behind you as you go into the cartwheel and bringing it to in front as you come out.

Other than that you could do a hand roll when you have twisted your wrist as far as it will go to give you an extra spin.

let me know how you get on im really interested in putting cartwheels and various jumps and ground work into staff.

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